Update 6 November 2020

Thank you to our Senior Students

This week, as explained by Lesley Brown’s letter which was issued on Monday, new Scottish Government Guidance for schools has been implemented.  Face coverings are now worn by staff and students in all Senior Phase classes.

We have been so impressed with the mature and responsible response of all of our senior students.  All students have adapted to these new guidelines and have complied fully.  We just wanted to say a public thank you to our senior students for supporting the implementation of this new health and safety measure.

Important Information regarding N5, Higher and Advanced Higher Assessments/Prelims

The letter below explains the east Lothian Council approaches to assessments and prelims this year. This information has also been shared with senior students and they will have a virtual assembly with Mr McBride on Monday.

DGSC Meeting Monday 9th November

The next DGSC meeting will be held online on Monday 9th November at 7pm.  If you would like to attend please email parentcouncil@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk and you will be sent a meeting invite.

S4/S5/S6 Reports

Monitoring and Tracking reports were given to students on Wednesday 4th November. The following letter was also given to senior students: Senior Phase Reporting letter Nov 2020

S1 Students at Lunchtime

In order to reduce the number of young people in the community at lunchtimes, we have made the decision that S1 students will be asked to continue to remain in school grounds at lunchtimes.

English Study Support

This year, as normal, the English Department is offering study support for students, at all levels.

However, as our Higher students missed a lot of time last year when studying for National 5, and did not sit an exam, we feel that they would particularly benefit from attending these support classes.

Please help us to support our Higher students by encouraging them to sign up for, and attend, the study support sessions available to them.

Music Lessons

The Instrumental Music Service is now in a position to offer tuition on the following instruments at Dunbar Grammar School:

Lessons would be once a week and delivered by one of the Instrumental Music Service team featured in the demonstration video above. Tuition would start in November 2020 and the hyperlinked YouTube Video above will let you hear more about the instruments on offer.

There is a parental contribution required towards the cost of lessons. Details on this parental contribution and the concessions available can be found on the East Lothian Council website under Instrumental Music Service.

To start lessons, simply fill out a registration form on the website and an instructor will be in touch with more details. We currently have vacancies for all the instruments listed above in your school. Once we reach capacity on each instrument, pupils will be added to our waiting lists and notified when a position becomes available. For any other enquiries regarding our service please contact ims@eastlothian.gov.uk.

S1/2 Parents Evenings

We would usually have parent/carer consultation evenings for S1 and S2 students in the Autumn term.  Due to the current restrictions, we have made the decision to postpone these until Term 3 (After Easter).  Tracking reports will still be issued  in early December for both year groups.

However, we recognise the importance of offering an opportunity for parents and carers to engage with school during the next term.  Therefore, we have decided to host an online information evening for parents and carers of S1 and S2 students. This will take place on Tuesday 10th November from 7pm – 8pm on Google Meet.  The event will be hosted by the leadership team (Mrs Slowther, Mr Offer, Mr Maxton and Mr McBride).  Parents and carers can submit questions in advance and suggest areas which they would like to hear about. Letters have gone home with S1 and S2 students.

If you would like to attend this could you please email dgsnewsletters@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk with the following information

  • The name of your child (in S1 or S2)
  • Your email address (which the invitation to join the meeting will be sent to)
  • Any questions you would like to have answered or any topics you would like to know more about

Children in Need – Friday 13th November

  • Dress Down Day. £1 to Dress down or up! (remember clothing appropriate for school and PE kit if needed)
  • There will also be sweets and arm bands on sale on the 13th.

The Big Cut

Mrs Devlin (Guidance Teacher) – Update to working arrangements

From Monday 16th November, Mrs Devlin (Guidance teacher) will be working from home.  She can be contacted by email at cdevlin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Please note that Mrs Devlin’s school answering machine will not be in operation.  If any parents/carers would like to speak to her, please contact the main office and they will ask her to call you back.

Free School Meals

The facilities team will deliver free school meals to the homes of students who are isolating to make sure they are still received. Please call or email our school office if this applies to you. Parents/carers with a child who is isolating should not visit the school building.

Lost Property

Between August and Half Term we have accumulated a vast array of lost property – school uniform, coats/jackets, PE kit, trainers etc.

Ms Smith will be available on Tuesday 10th November periods 1 and 2 in the main office to help any student look for ant lost items.  Students should register with their class teacher and proceed to the office if they have lost an item and would like to check if it is there.  Any items which have not been claimed by Friday 13th November will be donated to a local clothing bank.

Stars of the Week

The winners for this week are below:


Laura Illingworth (Modern Studies) SUPPORT

‘Ms Illingworth is very capable of explaining extremely complicated political systems and decisions to students. It helped me prepare for my upcoming politics essay.’

‘Ms Illingworth has helped myself through the writing and filing of a 20 mark politics essay and helped me to achieve and A grade within it. She is such a good teacher’

‘because she is always there to help when we are stuck and dedicates a lot of her time to making sure we will pass nat 5 mods’

‘Ms Illingworth is such a great teacher, she is always calm and friendly.  I really like going to her class’

Suzanne Reid (English) SUPPORT and RESPECT

‘Mrs Reid has been consistently supported me throughout English. She has helped me better understand how to answer link questions and not only helped raise my confidence as a student but also helped me doubt myself less in what my answers are and to not overthink them as much as I do normally. I feel comfortable going into her class knowing if I have any doubts in what I’m learning I can ask for help to better understand what I’m being taught and to develop my skills more. You can tell she loves her job, even on her bad days, and she is what I would consider the perfect representation of what a teacher should be like.’


Mya Douglas (S3) RESPECT

‘Mya is one of the kindest and most polite student I teach. She always has something nice to say about others, she is very supportive, and manages to put a smile on my face every time I see her. Thank you Mya for being such a ray of sunshine!’

Lucy Russell (S4) EFFORT

‘Lucy is an exceptional student. She puts so much effort into her English work ; she can analyse complex ideas with ease, she can write emotively and with passion about important issues and she can perceive things from more than one point of view. I think Lucy might feel her effort goes under the radar, but her effort is absolutely appreciated in English and she should be very proud of her successes so far!’

Policy Consultations

East Lothian Council is seeking feedback for the following draft policies: ‘Included, Engaged & Involved: Inclusion, Equality and Accessibility for All’ and ‘Respect for All: Promoting Positive and Respectful Relationships in All our Schools’.

Copies of the draft policies and surveys will be live on the Consultation Hub from Thursday 29th October until Thursday 12th November.

Cycling Safety

We have received several concerns around students cycling the wrong way up the road in Lammermuir Crescent in the morning.  This is a one way system and cars are facing bikes, cycling the wrong way.  This is a very dangerous situation. We ask that all parents and carers of students who cycle to school,  remind them that they must follow all rules of the road.

We have also had a few concerns from members of the public regarding students cycling on pavements.  We would also remind students that this is highly dangerous and is considered an offence under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.

This week, Mr Offer and Mr Marnoch lead an online assembly on cycling safety.

Other Information

Online Learning Information


Please email attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk  with student absences/appointments.