Update 27 November 2020

Higher and Advanced Higher Prelims

The prelim diet for Higher and Advanced Higher candidates will commence on Monday 11th January. A full exam timetable will be published in December. During the exam diet, students studying at Higher or Advanced Higher level will be granted a flexible approach to study.  This means that they will be able to prepare for their exams at home and will not be expected to attend their Higher or Advanced Higher classes.  Students may still come into school for study if they wish. All National 5 classes will run as normal during this period.  If students are studying Higher and National 5, they will still be expected to attend their National 5 classes as normal.

National 5 Structured Assessments

The SQA have released subject specific guidance on the alternative certification model for National 5 this year.  This involves the delivery of key assessments which are tailored specifically for each subject area and planned to give each student the best possible chance to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through their courses. We recognise the importance of maintaining transparency and a high level of support for students as we deliver this model and are currently in the process of collating the various requirements and timelines so that we can share this with students and parents.  All key assessments will take place from January onwards with students being given clear advice and guidance in their classes prior to any assessment taking place.

For all senior phase students our SQA enquiries inbox remains open for parents’ who wish to contact us with any specific queries or concerns:  dgssqaconcerns@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Christmas at DGS

Today, Mrs Slowther, held an online assembly to discuss the Festive arrangements with students.  Christmas 2020 at DGS will be a little different, but we hope to make it just as special.  The arrangements so far are detailed in this document: STUDENT Countdown to Christmas 2020

Festive Friday

This year we will be running a ‘Festive Friday’ for the 3 Fridays in December (the first Festive Friday will be Friday 4th December) . Students will be able to add something festive to their uniform such as a Christmas jumper/t shirt, some tinsel or even a Christmas hat/headband!

We would like to make old jumpers that are no longer worn or wanted available to any student who needs/would like one.

If you have an old jumper lurking at the back of your wardrobe that you would be happy to donate to the school please ask your young person to hand it into reception.  We will then wash and quarantine all of the jumpers before giving them to students.

UCAS 2021 Applications

Students applying to university this year should now be in the process of, or have completed, their UCAS application. They have been supported by a member of staff (their mentor), either their Guidance teacher or another member of the teaching staff.  Mentors are now in the process of writing the reference for the student, some have already completed this. The deadline date for students to have completed their UCAS application is Monday the 14th of December. By this date they should have paid and sent this to allow Guidance teachers to check all parts of the form. When students pay and send it does not go directly to UCAS, it will come to the guidance teacher who can then send it to UCAS after entering predicted grades and the reference.

You can support your child in this application process by:

  • Reading their personal statement.
  • Encouraging them to continue complete all sections of their application
  • Go online to ucas.com/parents where you find lots of useful information, resources and videos.
  • Remind your child to check the UCAS Google classroom where lots of advice and notifications are posted.

Art Material Packs

Art Material Packs are now ready for collection from the Art department.


East Lothian Council are now accepting EMA applications for January Starts for 2020/21.

The EMA form is now online:  https://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/ema-apply-now

Consultation on Free Bus Travel

The Scottish Government plan to launch a new national travel concession scheme to provide free bus travel for young people under the age of 19. They anticipate that legislation to underpin the scheme would be required to be laid in Parliament in early 2021 and the scheme would come into effect later in 2021.

For the next six weeks (until Monday 7th December), Transport Scotland are running a consultation in regards to this scheme to gather information on the most appropriate ways to provide this free travel to best suit young people. They are hoping the consultation will reach as many members of the public as possible, especially to those who will be impacted by the proposals, including children and young people, their parents and carers and people who work with children in a paid or voluntary capacity.

Free School Meals

The facilities team will deliver free school meals to the homes of students who are isolating to make sure they are still received. Please call or email our school office if this applies to you. Parents/carers with a child who is isolating should not visit the school building.

Stars of the Week

The winners for this week are below:


Darren Martin (Pupil Support) SUPPORT

  • He is a very kind and caring person who knows how to deal with everything and he deserves this.
  • He treats pupils with respect
  • Support- he helps everyone and he is an amazing teacher
  • Because I love him
  • If support was a person it would be him
  • He is very kind and gives us support
  • He’s been at the school doors a lot this week giving out sanitiser. He also was very helpful when I was changing classes and is in general a great teacher.

 Gill Carnie (PE) SUPPORT

  • Miss Carnie goes and above and beyond, not just in the classroom but outside of it too. As an S6 student, the support she has given me is unimaginable. She is so kind, caring and understanding. She always has such a positive attitude to everything she does, and I think it’s important she knows it doesn’t go unnoticed. The Senior Hockey Girls admire her so much, she is by far the best coach we have ever had. Miss Carnie really is one in a million!
  •  After just 1 day back with DGS after her time at Knox, and Miss Carnie is back supporting pupils left right and centre, like she never left. You can tell pupils have missed having Miss Carnie around the school. The relationships she has made with pupils are so strong!


Sam Craigie (S5) EFFORT

 Sam has been a delight to teach in N5 chemistry and Higher this year so far. He puts in 100% to everything he does and is so friendly – he always gives me a big smile, a ‘good morning miss!’ and regularly asks me how I am as he is passing my room.  He is a delight to teach!

 Leah McClung (S1) EFFORT

 Leah is going above and beyond in class. She is very efficient, manages to organise herself very well during practical tasks, and always helps at the end of the lesson to make sure the classroom is clean and tidy. Her homework exercises are faultless and she surely is on the path to achieve brilliantly this year! Well done Leah!

Other Information

  • 20-11-24 Information Sheet
  • The National Parent Forum of Scotland are looking to capture the views of the Parents and Carers of pupils sitting Highers and/or Advanced Highers, to help them establish how COVID has impacted on their learning and preparation for their exams in 2021. Here is the link to our survey which has a closing date of  the 30th November 2020:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3HFM9K9

Online Learning Information


Please email attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk  with student absences/appointments.