Update 22 January 2021

Update for this week: Friday 22nd January

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To all in S3

As most of you will know, I have been offering a short careers interview to all S3 students to help with the course choices you will be asked to make later this term.
I have enjoyed meeting with you all in person but of course, that is not possible at the moment. With that in mind, I have given links to useful areas on the My World of Work website. If you have not already done so it is very easy to register. This is the link: https://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/account/register#/

This link: https://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/my-career-options/where-can-subject-choices-take-you will take you to the subject choices section. Here you can type in up to 6 subjects you may be interested in and the site will suggest lots of careers using those subjects. It may suggest hundreds so just scroll through or click on the career area you are interested in. An example of this might be science careers.
This is a very short video which gives step by step instructions on how to use the subject choice tool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=OsbrNWrch9s

You may already have some ideas about which careers you are interested in but would like more information and the explore careers area of My world of Work is where you will find that.
This is the link https://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/my-career-options/job-categories

I hope these links will be useful, even for the students I have already seen. If we have not yet met for a careers interview and you would like to speak to me, please just email me with a contact phone number and I will call you at an arranged time.

Lynn Telford, lynn.telford@sds.co.uk
Careers Adviser for Dunbar Grammar School
Skills Development Scotland