30 April 2021

A reminder that Monday 3 May is a holiday and the school is closed. Students and staff will resume on Tuesday 4 May.

Senior Phase Assessments

Well done to our senior students who have coped extremely well with their first week of assessments.  We would like to reassure students, parents and carers if they have any matters around assessments which they would like to discuss or require any advice or support, they should not hesitate to contact us at admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Sharing of Marks During the Assessment Window

As the assessment window continues, we recognise that students may feel differently about receiving their marks from each of their assessments.  In line with the SQA guidance, marks and/or percentages will be available once they have been marked by teachers and students may choose to have this information as soon as it is available or wait until the end of the assessment window.  This is completely voluntary and dependent upon each young person’s wishes.  However, to assist students and parents in interpreting this information in relation to their overall grades we have produced this document which summarises the various marks and weightings associated with each assessment.

We hope that this will assist pupils and parents in interpreting their results and understanding how their final grades will be calculated.  We realise this is a challenging time for students, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding assessments.


Change of Timetable

East Lothian Council has confirmed that the school will change timetable on Monday 14 June 2021.

Provision for Senior Phase Learners from e-Sgoil

Senior Phase Assessments

A copy of the senior phase assessment timetable can be found here.

Senior Phase Study Zones

The atrium and library computing suite are available to senior students for independent study at the following times:

  • Monday to Thursday 3.30 – 4.30pm
  • Friday 12.30 – 2.30pm

Stars of the Week

The winners for this week are below:


Ms Claus, Modern Languages (SUPPORT)

Student nominations said

  • ‘She has been balancing my German cover as well as doing our normal French periods. She is always really nice to our class even though we are quite annoying sometimes. She is a really good teacher too’
  • ‘Miss Claus is always really calm and kind, I don’t know if she knows how much we really like her.  She is such a good teacher’

A staff nomination said

  • ‘she has instigated a Friday roundup each week as part of her new role as acting PT.  It is helping me enormously to keep up with all the conversations/decisions that are made on the days I’m not in school.  I feel so supported by this small action as it helps me feel part of the team and more au fait with the many things that are going on.  I think she has stepped up amazingly given that we are dealing with Co-vid.’

Thank you!

Ms McGowan, English (SUPPORT and INCLUSION)

Student nominations said:

  • ‘During this week she really supported me and helped me get back into the swing of things. She is so understanding and never judges you.’
  • ‘She is a very nice person and she always respects me and I feel like I can go to her if I just need cheered up’
  • ‘She supports me and my class in our work and she is very kind’
  • ‘Miss McGowan is one of the most patient and inclusive teachers in the school she support many students who need the help’
  • ‘She is very supportive of my coming out and she respects my pronouns and is very nice about it’

Thank you!


Caley Gilles S3 (Effort)

Caley has 2 nominations

Caley worked well in HE this week and even helped out with distributing ingredients. She also helped Mrs Martin really well in sorting ingredients.

Caley has come back to school with a real spring in her step, it has been lovely to see her focussed and positive.  Caley has so many nice things to say to staff and her kind words and compliments brighten my day.

Well done Caley, you are truly a star!

Maddie Anderson S3 (Effort)

Maddie is such a pleasure to have in class. She has an unrelenting work ethic and always puts her full effort into every task; so much thought that she actually completed an extra essay(!) in English recently to show off even more of her skills. She is always up for any challenge individually, but equally is continually supportive of other members of the class. Maddie you are a STAR!

LFD Testing

Active Schools Update

Click on link below to register with Dunbar Grammar School Sports Clubs:

Sports that we will have running are: Rugby, Football, Hockey, Boys & Girls Fitness, Dance/Cheerleading all these clubs are FREE.

Also available is Surfing and Wakeboarding, there is a charge for these. Link below:

Any questions please contact our Active School Coordinator smarnoch@elcschool.org.uk

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