Update 11 June 2021

Timetable Change

A reminder that students will start their new timetables from Monday and these will be issued during an extended registration. Mr Maxton will lead an online assembly on Monday and will explain the process for any senior students who wish to make a course change.

  • If your young person tests positive for COVID, please email both covidinschools@eastlothian.gov.uk (this will be monitored over weekends) AND admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

LFD Testing

Close Contacts and Siblings

If a student has been identified as a  close contact and has a negative PCR test result, then siblings can return to school once the school has been provided with a copy of the result.

Please forward the negative result, along with the student’s name and class, and sibling names  (including primary pupils).

Please be aware that any close contacts must complete the full isolation period specified in the letter, even if the test result is negative.

SQA Appeals 2021

Last week, the SQA announced a free appeals service, available directly to learners for the first time, covering this year’s National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher qualifications. Further information about this service and the appeals process is available from their website.


S6 Leavers

Assessment Results and Provisional Grades

Many S6 students have received assessment results already.  If they are still awaiting some, they should email their teacher and they will reply with their results.  Provisional grades which will be sent to the SQA will be posted to S6 students on Tuesday 22nd June.

Saying farewell and collecting yearbooks/hoodies

Mrs Slowther has emailed all S6 students to invite them to a revised leavers’ event. We have invited S6 students to pop into school between 3pm and 4.30pm on Friday 18th June.  We will set up the courtyard area, we will not have a formal ceremony but instead will have a drop in for the collection of  yearbooks, hoodies and certificates.  There will be treats and juice for students and it will be an opportunity to say a proper farewell to each other in school.

We are unable to take a group photo but we are setting up a leavers 2021 photo area for students to take individual photos.  Therefore, they may wish to consider wearing school uniform to have a last photo taken in DGS uniform!

I know this is not how any of us planned to end S6, but we will strive to create a positive and celebratory afternoon for them.

Stars of the Week

The winners for this week are below:



Student nominations said

  • ‘Helping keep our school safe and clean. Thank you’
  • ‘Because they are always very friendly to the staff and pupils. They put in as much effort as they can to make sure school is safe and hygienic.’
  • ‘The Janitors work really hard to ensure the school is clean and safe for us all, and I don’t think they get enough recognition for that – the school is massive and they does an amazing job at getting through all of it.’

Staff nomination said

  • ‘We have the best team of janitors ever! Nothing is too much bother for them.  They work so hard and this year can’t have been easy for them.  They have dealt with the challenges with positivity and adaptability.  They are also so obliging and friendly and I know staff all over the school appreciate their hard work’

Thank you Team FES!

Tracy Gillespie Student Welfare Support (SUPPORT and RESPECT)

Student nominations said;

  • ‘Ms Gillespie looked after me when I was injured and had to go home, she is very caring’
  • ‘She always support students in need and is on hand to help at any time!’
  • ‘She is always so kind to students when they are unwell and she is really nice’

Staff nominations said

  • ‘She has put an immense amount of effort with all the covid workload. She is so kind and caring to both pupils and staff!’
  • ‘She is an unbelievable support to the whole DGS community.  She seems to know everyone and has so much energy.  She is always so positive and upbeat and goes out of her way to help anyone.  This year her job has taken on a whole new dimension with covid mitigations and she has RISEn to the challenge in an unbelievable way ’

Thank you!

Matt Corfield History/Modern Studies (SUPPORT and RESPECT)

Student nominations said;

  • ‘He’s been really kind and chatty to our class. He wants to get to know each and every one of us. Coming to class with him is a joy’
  • ‘He is very helpful and supportive with his students and respects all.’
  • ‘He is always so smiley and happy.  He is a fun teacher’
  • ‘Just a sound guy, canny beat it’

Thank you!


Ben Calder S2 (Effort)

Ben gives his all to every task in science, and does it with a smile on his face. He helps others in the class, and always gives me a big “thank you!” on the way out. Well done Ben, your efforts in class really are appreciated!

You are truly a star Ben!

The other student star will be announced on Monday.

Scottish Youth Parliament

The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people. The next elections will be held in November 2021 and this could be your opportunity to influence issues that affect children and young people in our country including poverty, mental health, travel, climate change and Covid recovery as an MSYP. Find out more from the Scottish Youth Parliament’s website: Become an MSYP – Scottish Youth Parliament

P7 Transition

Water Bottles

Reminder for all students to bring a water bottle to school.

Library Books

Please can outstanding library books be handed in to the librarian or the school office.

Be Safe at the Beach

When warm weather arrives the beach is a popular destination for many people however playing or swimming in the sea is not the same as being in an indoor swimming pool.

Waves can be great fun but are also unpredictable. Always supervise children playing in waves as they can easily lose their balance if struck by a larger wave.

Inflatable toys, dinghies or lilos are a well-known hazard – with many incidents of people on inflatables blown out to sea. They are not designed for use in open water and should be restricted to sheltered and confined spaces only such as rock pools.

You might want to enter the sea simply to ‘cool off’ but the water may be much colder than expected. The average sea temperatures in the UK are just 12°C  – below 15°C is defined as cold water which can seriously affect your breathing and movement.

Be also aware of tides, and if planning a walk across a beach, check when the incoming tide is expected so you are not cut off.

Finally remain aware of hidden dangers and don’t swim near or dive from rocks or cliff faces. Check safety notices at beaches which may indicate specific local hazards.

If you do see someone in difficulty in the sea call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Other Information / Opportunities