Update 25 June 2021

Home to School Transport – East Linton

  • Eves Coaches will be the contractor providing the East Linton service for the 2021-22 session
  • Pick up time is 8am – there will be 3 buses
  • From The East Linton Surgery and The Linton Hotel
  • Smartcards do not need to be chipped this session
  • East Linton students do not need a separate bus pass

End of term

I would just like to wish all of our students and their families a happy and healthy summer break.  I have been so impressed with the positivity, adaptability and resilience of our young people over the last session.  Throughout the year they have embodied our values of Respect, Inclusion, Support and Effort.  They have absolutely RISEn to all challenges and the staff at DGS are immensely proud of them.

I would also like to say thank you to our caring, committed and hardworking staff team.  They have worked tirelessly to support our students both within and out with the classroom.  I would also like to wish staff and their families and relaxing and fun summer break.

Today we said farewell to the following staff:

  • Fiona Baker, RME NQT
  • Lindsay Baldwin, English
  • Jade Brailsford, Biology NQT
  • Gillian Carnie, PE
  • Loren Courtney, HE
  • Marie Devillers, Biology
  • Anas Ehsan, Chemistry
  • Laura Hunter, Home Economics NQT
  • Laura Illingworth, Modern Studies
  • Gregor Laird, Art NQT
  • Rebecca Logan, Geography  NQT
  • Calum Mackie, English
  • Orla McGowan, English NQT
  • Rebecca Miller, History NQT
  • Lise Montane, French NQT
  • Rebecca Philipson, English NQT
  • Niamh Shepherd, PE NQT
  • Caitlin Wilkinson, PE NQT
  • Anna Wyatt, Pupil Support Worker

I look forward to welcoming all students back to school on Wednesday 18th August.

If your young person tests positive for COVID, please email covidinschools@eastlothian.gov.uk

Information sent out this week

The bands are as follows:

    • A1 (A band 1) – an upper A
    • A2 (A band 2) – a lower A
    • B3 (B band 3) – an upper B
    • B4 (B band 4) – a lower B
    • C5 (C band 5) – an upper C
    • C6 (C band 6) – a lower C
    • D7 (D band 7) – a narrow pass

SQA Appeals 2021

Information about this service and the appeals process is available from here: https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/79049.html

Student Leadership Team

Well done to our Head Students:

  • Jessica Walker 6C2
  • Abigail Sheridan 6C3

and our Deputy Head Students:

Elise Allan 6C2: Communications

Elise will organise the yearbook, be chair of the yearbook committee and send out any information to students on behalf of the senior student team throughout the year.

Skye Crawford 6C6: Support

Skye will be involved with any events, initiatives or ideas around support, mental health and will focus on supporting younger years especially as they transition into senior phase.

Maya Gent 6C4: Events

Maya will be the chair of the prom committee and will have the responsibility of organising our prom/ leavers ceremony and any other events around school.

Jack Moore 6C1: Prefects & Student Council

Jack will be in charge of helping to organise prefect roles and will work as co-chair of the student council to ensure that we co-operate with the council and incorporate their views too.

LFD Testing

P7 Transition

Library Books

Library books can be handed in to any library over the summer.

Other Information / Opportunities

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