Update 1 October 2021

Documents home this week:

Study Clubs and Study Support Information

Mathematics Information Evenings

The Mathematics faculty are organising a series of year group information evenings for parents and carers.  Each presentation will provide key information about the course students are following and ways that parents and carers can support students at home with their learning.

Details of when each presentation is taking place are listed below.  Please use the links to complete a Google Form that will allow us to arrange the Google Meet invitations.

Date of the next Parent Council (DGSC) meeting

The next meeting of the parent council is on Wednesday 6th October at 7pm.  If you would like to attend, please email parentcouncil@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk  and a meeting link will be sent to you.

Awards Event

Today we held our annual Awards Event.  This was an opportunity to recognise the many amazing successes and achievements of our students. We were delighted that the event this year, could again include musical performances.  This was a wonderful celebratory event which was enjoyed by all.  We are sorry that parents and carers were unable to attend, but the event was filmed and this will be shared with families shortly.  Congratulations to all award winners.

Stars of the Week


Mr Stewart (Music)

Student nominations said

  • ‘Mr Stewart has helped my class with our task this week by playing instruments and giving any advice needed constantly so that students who do not play any instruments are able to achieve the same levels as the rest of the class.’
  • ‘Mr Stewart has been trying very hard to help my class do well in our music tech assignment. This is why I think he deserves the star of the week.’
  • ‘He is a good teacher’
  • ‘If it wasn’t for Mr Stewart , I’m not sure that I would have discovered my passion for music. I truly have him to thank for that. I’m so glad to still have him as my teacher, honestly the best teacher I’ve ever had and I doubt I’ll ever find another one to match.’
  • ‘Mr Stewart is a great teacher who puts in tons of effort into all of his classes and tries to make them fun and enjoyable. He also helps anyone when they are in need and just overall is a great teacher.’
  • ‘Mr Stewart has been supportive as over the last few weeks he’s provided me with loads of different sounds and techniques that I’ve been able to use for my Foley higher music technology project. He also nominated me for a music technology award which has given me a boost within the subject.’

Mr Stewart – you are a DGS Star, thank you for all you do!

Mrs McIntyre (Pupil Support)

Nominations said

  • ‘Mrs McIntyre has been an outstanding help in my classes, always attending to the needs of those who need her most while also being a great support for me, as a new member of staff. She is always cheery and generally a lovely person to be around. Thank you Jane!’
  • ‘Mrs McIntyre has been such a support to both my students and myself over the past few weeks, she is so warm and kind and willing to help with everything. Absolute star!’

Mrs McIntyre– you are a DGS Star, thank you for all you do!


Harvey Morrison S2 (Effort)

Harvey’s attitude to learning in Social Subjects has been excellent, not just in S2 but throughout the whole of S1 as well (I did nominate him before the holidays too!) Harvey is so polite and well-mannered to staff and other pupils and always tries his best. His jotter work is impeccable and he is always willing to participate fully in class and answer questions. Harvey is a social subjects superstar!

Eva McCandlish S1 (Effort)

Eva has been helping out in the library, shelving and organizing the books, for the last couple of weeks. She has also recruited several more pupils and helped teach them how the books are organized. She started helping before I even began recruiting pupil library assistants when she noticed some books were in the wrong place and asked if she could put them back where they belong. I think that sort of eagerness and attention to detail deserves recognition!

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Information – Update

A pack is going home with students over the next few weeks containing a PC1 and an Annual Data Check form which is required to be checked by parent/carers, updated as appropriate, signed and returned.  Emergency closure letters are also being emailed home.

If you have no email address, it is essential that you inform the school. Where this is the case, the weekly email information is automatically updated on our website. Students have been completing photo permission forms this week.

Other Information / Opportunities

Join the COP26 Local Champions Network

Young Scot Hive (#YSHive) are looking for young people from across Scotland aged 11-25, to be part of the COP26 Climate Co-Design Group as Local Champions.  Please see the attached: COP26 Local Champions Network


We have an “Attendance” inbox for parents to email with student absences/appointments. Please email with a return date, or email each day: attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk