Update 5 November 2021

Please note that we have been experiencing problems with our telephones. If they are not working, please email admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk with any queries

Senior Phase Tracking Reports

The SP reports were issued to students this week, this is the first of three planned reports this year.  The accompanying letter can be found here:

Additionally, an explanation of the bands used for target and working grades is below:

Grade Bands

1 Upper band A
2 Lower band A
3 Upper band B
4 Lower band B
5 Upper band C
6 Lower band C or N4 pass
7 Grade D
8 No award

‘How to Pass’ Parent Information Evening – 17 November 2021, 6-8pm

In order to support pupil learning and success in their prelims and SQA exams, Dunbar Grammar School is holding an information evening for all parents and carers of students sitting National 5s and Higher qualifications in May 2022.

The evening will happen online and is intended to inform parents and carers of S4/5/6 students about the courses their children are studying, the assessments, course materials, timelines, and how they can help their child to achieve their potential in their exams.  More specifically, this will include a subject specific focus on strategies and techniques that students can utilise to develop their learning at home.

Further information will be provided next week regarding the format for the evening.

Flu Vaccinations

A reminder that the student flu vaccinations will take place on Monday for those who have already returned the paperwork. We can not take vaccine requests on the day.


Within S3 RMPS we are moving on to the topic of Euthanasia. This is in line with the moral issues that we have been exploring this year. If your child has any concerns over this topic please ask them to let their teacher know or speak to their guidance teacher. Please also feel free to contact Mr Sutherland (PT HWB) if there are any concerns.

Scotland’s Biggest Parents’ Event 2021

Scotland’s Biggest Parents’ Event is hosted by DYW and features a range of employers from across Scotland. This is a great opportunity for parents/carers and young people to find information about different career options and next steps. The Parents’ Evening will be on Monday 15 November at 7 pm.

Parents are able to book by using the following link and clicking on the booking tab.  Scotland’s Biggest Parents’ Events – DYW – Scotland

Schools Asymptomatic Testing Programme

Stars of the Week


Ms Mackenzie (Home Ec) 

Nominations said

  • ‘Miss McKenzie is so kind every time I walk into her classroom. She would help you with anything and has a great sense of humour. She is also an amazing health and well-being teacher and I love the challenges she creates for us!’
  • ‘Miss Mackenzie has went above and beyond since starting here at DGS; her enthusiasm is infectious and she is doing all she can to give pupils the best start by running the breakfast club. Lots of her pupils have also commented on how friendly, approachable and smiley she is – she is an amazing member of the team!’
  • ‘Ms MacKenzie is a permanent source of positivity around the school and she truly brightens every day. Her effort with the breakfasts for students has been incredible and is so well appreciated by so many young people. She is very supportive of other staff, always going out her way to put a smile on your face – especially with surprise hot chocolates! Grace, thank you so much for what you do for us all.’
  • ‘Miss MacKenzie is such a kind person, her efforts with the school breakfast club have blown me away. I can see what an amazing boost it has been for the students in the morning. She’s always happy and smiling, a wee ray of sunshine!’

Ms Mackenzie – you are a DGS Star, thank you for all you do!

Mr Offer (DHT) 

Nominations said

  • ‘Mr Offer does a lot for our school. Students comment on how busy he is, yet the fact he always has time to say good morning or ask how you are. Mr Offer works extremely hard and really deserves to be recognised.’
  • ‘He’s always very encouraging and very kind’
  • ‘Mr Offer always has time for pupils, he is always around the school helping people. He is really kind’
  • ‘He is a deputy head but also a really good teacher with lots of stories’

Mr Offer – you are a DGS Star, thank you for all you do!


This week we have 3 Student STARS (one carried over from last week)

Jayden Anderson S2 (Effort)

  • Jayden has been a superstar in Science recently! He has worked hard individually, but has also made an effort to support other members of the class who needed some assistance. He happily spent time with them and made sure they understood the task. Keep up the good work, Jayden!

Lauren Gilmour S1 (Support)

  • Lauren is a fantastic student and has just had her hair cut for the Little Princess Trust. Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other conditions. This is such a selfless and kind thing to do and we are all so impressed.  She is a shining DGS STAR!

Heidi Jackson S6 (Effort)

  • Heidi is an absolute superstar in the Home Economics department! Her effort levels in class have been fantastic, she is always so polite and respectful. She has been a brilliant help to Mrs Martin this week, giving up her free time and helping out in the department. Heidi is a real DGS STAR who really deserves some recognition

Safety Initiative

ELC are consulting to see if the community would like to keep the Spaces For People initiatives and are also inviting views on the 20mph limits. It is important that young people have a voice in this so the survey has been emailed to students.

There is a real opportunity here to make important speed safety changes in Dunbar and to keep the few Spaces for People initiatives which materialised.

The adult survey:  https://eastlothianconsultations.co.uk/infrastructure/future-spaces-for-people/

S4/5/6 Prelims

We can confirm that we will be holding National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Prelims in January.  These will begin after Monday 10 January.    We are currently planning our timetable for these assessments, these will be shared with students and parents and carers in December.  This is to ensure that our the specific details of our assessment plan is compliant with the most up to date Scottish Government covid guidance for schools.  If you have any questions around this, please contact Mr McBride.


Clubs and Study Support Information

Other Information / Opportunities

LGBT+ Survey for At Home Adults

Inclusion is are core value here at DGS and as part of a joint East Lothian council, Scottish Government and Youth Scotland LGBT+ initiative, we are moving towards being accredited with LGBT+ Charter status. Therefore, we would like to ask you a few standard questions about your understanding of LBGT+ support and activities in our school community.

Please complete the following survey:  https://forms.gle/JySdreHbtsxfDXmt5The 

Attendance Consultation

DGSC Meetings

Meetings are 7pm – 8.30pm on Google Meet.

Meetings are run by the Parent Council and attended by Mrs Slowther, a Depute Head Teacher, a Teacher representative and the Senior Student Leaders.

At each meeting we also invite a Principal Teacher to come along and share information about both their Faculty and area of whole school responsibility, and have an additional general topic for discussion.

Please email parentcouncil@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk if you would like to attend.

Date Principal Teacher presentation Additional presentation and discussion topic
Thurs 11th Nov 2021 Chris White


Approaches to closing academic attainment gaps
Tues 14th Dec 2021 Emma Claus

(Modern Languages)

Broad General Education (BGE) curriculum review
Wed 12th Jan 2022


Suzanne Hamilton (Social Subjects) Approaches to developing confidence and wider skills
Thurs 10th Feb 2022


Fiona Cairns

(Expressive Arts)

Promoting respect – positive relationships
Wed 9th Mar 2022 Clair Fruish


Support and challenge in teaching and learning
Wed 6th Apr 2022 Ian Davies


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Thurs 5th May 2022 Paul Sutherland

(Health and Wellbeing)

ELC Anti-Bullying policy
Wed 8th June 2022 Elaine Taylor (Technologies) Teacher cover provision


We have an “Attendance” inbox for parents to email with student absences/appointments. Please email with a return date, or email each day: attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk