Update 28 April 2023

A reminder to all that Monday 1st May is a Public holiday and we would like to wish all of our students and their families a lovely long weekend.

Important Information Out this Week: 

SQA Exams

SQA exams have begun.  
It is imperative that students do not take phones, smart watches, airpods or any other Wi-Fi enabled devices in to the examination hall/room.  These can be left in lockers or handed in to the main office.
Exam timetables have also been issued to all students.  These detail the exams they are scheduled to sit and have information about the room and seat information.
We would ask that all parents and carers double check this information and email us at SQA MAILBOX.


As we move into spring we would like to ask all parents and carers for their support in ensuring their young person attends school wearing full uniform each day.  A copy of our uniform policy can be found here Uniform for 2022

Supporting Senior Study

Exam Booster Student Letter has been sent to all S4/5/6 students and their parents and carers.  It details national online resources to support study and our Grade Booster sessions which are planned for April and May.

S4 students who are sitting 3 or more exams and all S5 and S6 students are now on study leave and only expected in school on days they have exams or are attending a Grade Booster Session. Students who are in school for Grade Booster Sessions should sign in and out of school using the S6 Black Folder.

The new timetable for all students starts on Monday 5th June.

Peer university application support – S6 and former-student help needed

The Dunbar Grammar School Parent Council, Staff and Senior Pupil representatives are considering the possibility of collecting and compiling peer advice on University applications from pupils that have had recent experience of it. Could your S6 or current University student family members help? What do they wish they had known (or just known earlier) about UCAS applications? What worked well, and what would they do differently? What do those now at University wish they’d known earlier? Please email with any advice they can offer to admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Current S5 going into S6 Residential PGL Dalguise Trip – August 2023

Over 100 pupils have expressed an interest in this trip which promises to be a fantastic weekend.

The first payment of £40 is due this Friday 28th April. Payment to be made via schoolpay. If you have any issues registering for schoolpay please contact the school office. If you have any concerns about payment please get in touch with Mr Martin or Mr Offer

DGS PGL 23 – 220323

Please find attached a  Revised Session Dates 2022-2023 Coronation 8 May 2023which has been updated to reflect the additional public holiday on 8 May 2023 for King Charles III Coronation


The DGSC is a group comprising parents, the Headteacher, Deputy Head teacher and Teacher representatives, Pupil representatives, Local Councillors and Clerk. Meetings are open invitation and take place either in the school or online. See school emails for further information and consider attending to become involved with your school community.
This is not a fundraising group.
For further details e-mail: parentcouncil@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk
After unavoidable cancellation of the March meeting, this month’s session was a busy one. The DGSC received a Senior Pupil Representative overview of the highly impressive 2022-2023 pupil-led initiatives (ranging from younger pupil-targeted peer support and resource development, to mental health week events, and pursuit of improved recycling options) and the Teacher Representative report (including plans for a new university application advice session, Activities week, P7 Transition, and future school trips). The Headteacher’s report included a recruitment overview, a detailed parent-initiated Q&A about Maths teaching provision and equity over this academic year, and an initial discussion about school planning in the context of the 2023-2024 budget (to be the main focus of the May meeting).

This month’s focus topic was “Home learning and Challenge for all” with an overview from Mr McBride, followed by a Q&A on homework expectations, Google classroom facilities, provision of online resources and cross-year consistency. This was followed by parent-initiated discussion (to be continued at the June meeting), exploring the range of views and options around pupil mobile phone use in the school and the potential to review school policy and implementation.

Further details can be found in the formal meeting minutes.

Do please consider joining the next meeting on Wednesday 24th May 2023

Please see DGSC Minutes /parent-council-dgsc/

Your DGSA Need You!
The DGSA is the fundraising group of the Parent Council and needs your help more now than ever!  Our current Chair, Treasurer and other members are leaving after many years as their children will be moving on from school – so we desperately need new members to take the group forward!
As school budgets are stretched to the limit, we help by raising much needed funds to purchase equipment and create opportunities which support and enhance the educational experience of all our students at DGS.
Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds to support the school, funding school trips and equipment for art, science, sports, maths, music, tech, home economics, learning support, drama, Duke of Edinburgh and much more.
We couldn’t do this without our lovely group of parent and carer volunteers! We are all juggling busy lives with work and family but every little helps so even if you can only spare a couple of hours once a year it will make a huge difference and all our children will benefit!
If you can join us please email  admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk and we will get in touch with you.

The STARS of the week are……..
Richard Maxton (DHT)

Nominations said…….
‘He’s really sound and a funny guy’
‘He is a great deputy. He has helped me loads with my subject choices each year and he is always kind. He makes time for students’
‘Richard is a great supportive colleague, always willing to have a chat about any problems that you might have. He always walks round with a smile on his face having great chats with people while stealing department food.  Richard has also made every single gym session that we members of staff do on a Friday and I feel he deserves some kind of well done for this, maybe this and a slice of cake.’
Richard– you are a DGS Star, thank you for all you do!


Martha Cornish  S3 (Respect)
I would like to nominate Martha, not only for respect, but also for Inclusion, Support and Effort! Martha is one of the kindest student I teach. She will always have a nice and encouraging thing to say to others who are struggling or simply need a smile. She is one of the most polite student I know as well, and she is always so positive and patient. I have been blown away with her kind nature, but also impressed with her maturity and her attitude towards her learning. Martha is “only” in S3, but the rigour she puts in her work is comparable to some of my S6s students. In class, she always goes above and beyond, she constantly seeks feedback because she always wants to improve. Her jotters are a sight to behold as well! And on top of all this, she is also a brilliant singer and musician! She truly is a star! Well done Martha, you deserve this!

Callum Ross (Effort)
Callum always gives 110% in our history lessons. He contributes well to class discussion and is fantastic at helping those around him to complete their work. He is always a cheery face through the door, keep being brilliant Callum! Well done you are a STAR!


Tuesday – S1/S2/S3 online in Registration with a focus on Mobile Phone Review

School Visits Parent Carer Leaflet April 23

Student Information Slides  – 23-04-25 Plasma Info Sheet

What to do if you are worried about a young person

If you have any safeguarding or child protection concerns about any young person please contact one of the Designated Members of Staff (DMS) for Child Protection.
DGS Child Protection Poster

Calling All S1 and S2 Budding Golfers

We are looking for any S1/2 pupils who play Golf to come and speak to the PE department. We are looking for pupils to represent our Golf team at the Youth Games.

Other Information

How to apply or renew free school meals and school clothing grants


If you are unable to complete online application forms please ask for a paper application at the school office.

If you have any queries or having difficulty completing the form please email freeschoolmeals@eastlothian.gov.uk

If you would like information in your own language or format (e.g. Braille), please phone 01620 827199 or email publicinfo@eastlothian.gov.uk.

Senior Student Study Resources

Please email with a return date, or email each day: attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Contacting teachers/Queries
Please email
admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk or

Getting in touch
We are really keen to chat to our parents and carers.  If you would like to discuss anything with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, we are happy to chat over the phone, via Google Meet or in person.  Please just email admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk and we will be in touch to arrange a meeting

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