Battlefields experience

2023 Battlefields experience UPDATES – please read all of the updates below:

Please note – we have put a paper copy of (i) below in registration folders for each student. This includes a paper copy of the PC1 form mentioned in the update.

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(iv) 2023 Battlefields experience Terms and conditions for parents and carers

What is the experience all about?

Every year all of our S3 students are offered a chance to take part in a Battlefields Trip organised by Mercat International Tours.  Our students have visited the fields of Belgium and France every May since 2003. It is always a very thought provoking and           worthwhile educational experience for both staff and students.

Mercat International Tours claim that their trip ‘changes’ the students involved, and that they come back as more reflective and mature individuals.  It is a big claim to make but it is certainly no idle boast.  During the trip our students found out a great deal about not just World War 1, but also about themselves.  The supervising teachers always report back that all of our students had engaged with real issues in a very deep way, and that their experiences would encourage them to think hard about their role in the community.

We are seeking sponsorship to reduce the cost for our young people so please do get in touch with Mr. Offer if you have ideas or if you have any further questions.

How does this fit in with our school priorities for improvement?

Improving wellbeing, equality and inclusion (3.1)

Learners at DGS in S3 benefit from this high-quality experience which we provide for all students. All S3 learners are included, engaged and involved in the experience. There are no barriers to participation in this experience. Relationships across the school community are very positive and supportive and we see the Battlefields as playing a crucial part in furthering this ethos.

Leadership of Learning (1.2)

This experience is just one of a wide range of opportunities offered at DGS to ensure that our students take responsibility for their own learning and develop the necessary resilience and confidence to progress as young adults.