Modern Studies London experience

Thirty senior Modern Studies and Politics students spent three days in London . It was a fantastic experience for all involved and it was a privilege for the teachers to spend time with such an engaged and well behaved group of students.

The trip included a tour of Parliament and the opportunity to attend two court cases in action in The Old Bailey.  Additionally, they were hosted by two successful former DGS students, Dot Cownie and Andrew Miller. Dot, Global Head of HR with Allianz, welcomed us to the top floor of the company, overlooking the Shard! Students heard talks from senior employees on Brexit and an inspirational talk by Dot herself on career advice.

Of Dot Cownie, one student commented, I thought Dot Cownie was really inspirational. Her story was truly amazing going from a wee place like Dunbar to such a big company like Allianz. She was a really great speaker and made me believe that it’s easy to succeed if you make the right decisions. Totally enjoyed my time at the Allianz!”

Andrew Miller then invited us on a brilliant tour of The Foreign Office in Whitehall and discussed the work he does there. This included a very special up-close look across to No. 10 Downing Street. Andrew said afterwards “I am impressed with the visiting students: engaged, intelligent, and impeccably behaved. It was a real pleasure to host them all.”

Students were entertained at the excellent musical ‘Matilda’ and had the chance to visit London’s most exclusive shops. All the staff on the trip, Ms Illingworth, Mr Martin and Mrs Fell, have commented on the exemplary behaviour and attitude displayed by our students over the three days.