Building Expansion

Expansion Update

Between now and Christmas, the final stages of work will be carried out.  Two new Science labs will be created and the Temporary Unit will be removed.

Our official opening will be Saturday 26 January.

Update 26 October 2018

The new area of the school will be handed over to us on Monday 12th November.

The new area will not be open to students on 12th and 13th November to allow staff to move into their new rooms.  On Wednesday 14th November, we will suspend timetable for the first three periods and carry out an induction/orientation for all students.  The new area will be open from break time.

Between now and Christmas, the final stages of work will be carried out.  Two new Science labs will be created and the Temporary Unit will be removed.

Our official opening will be (provisionally) Saturday 26th January.

Photographs  – taken on 28 May 2018

Photographs – taken on 19 April 2018


Photographs taken by Photography Higher Student – January

Photographs taken by Photography Higher Student – 2017

3D Views of the Extension Plan:

Expansion Plans

Update 29th September

Good news! All of the paperwork is now in place for the next phase of the expansion programme to begin. We will continue to prioritise health and safety and teaching and learning and update you on works being carried out. Here is what is planned from Monday 2nd October until 24th October:

  • Library is being emptied and Converted into 3 temporary spaces; 2 classrooms and 1 IT area (Ms Aitken and Ms Reid will occupy the 2 classrooms from 24th October).
  • Group Workroom (Ms McLuckie’s room) is also being converted into a classroom which will be occupied by Mrs Kyle.
  • The Maths Base will be converted into a seminar room to replace room M24.
  • The Advanced Higher Lab will be created with the installation happening the week beginning 6th November, ready for occupation Monday 13th November.
  • From Friday 13th October, the compound, including the end-lane of the car park, will be created.  Parking will, therefore, be restricted until the project is complete. We would ask parents/carers/visitors to try and avoid using the school car park during this period. Unfortunately, students will not be able to park in the car park during the period of this project, as they have the option of using school transport.  The lane onto Belhaven Road will be closed until further notice, as will the entrance from Lammermuir Crescent.
  • Please note that as a result of the compound being set up, all students and staff will be required to access and exit the school grounds from the Summerfield Road entrance.

It is our intention that all staff and students will be introduced to the temporary fire evacuation arrangements on Tuesday 24th October, after returning from the break.

Building Expansion Update

The Expansion Design Team is looking for DGS students interested in becoming involved in the planning or construction process of the building expansion as part of their studies. This would be relevant to students with an interest in Engineering, construction or the environmental impact of the project.  Please discuss with Guidance or Mr Raffaelli if you are interested.

19th August

Thanks to all of the construction team who have produced a fantastic new social space for our students over the summer period.  They have also updated two of the changing rooms in PE, expanded G6 and produced a new reprographics room.  As a result of the extended social space, we are also trialling a change in the flow of students regarding access to and from the school.  The old main entrance has now been identified for staff and visitors, with the entrance leading to the car park being identified as the student entrance.  We are piloting this at the present, looking closely at the students flow, particularly exiting, to ascertain the best solution for all.  We will be gathering staff and students views following a short period of observation.

Please see Q&A which was hosted by Dunbar Grammar School Parent Council: Parent Council Presentation Query Responses

Social Space – 15th April