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Here at Dunbar Grammar School, we run a comprehensive extra-curricular sporting programme. Students have the opportunity to participate regularly in Rugby, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Netball, Table Tennis, Trampolining, Cheerleading, Badminton and Volleyball and participate and compete in a host of other sports throughout the year.

All sport and physical activity falls under the umbrella of DGS Sport promoting a framework of teamwork, respect and inclusiveness we strive to achieve within Dunbar Grammar School.

Remember: Non Sune Pulvele Palma – Effort Brings Rewards


In the 2016/17 school year the parent council funded us to get an sparkling SLR Camera to allow us to get high quality photo’s of our youngsters taking part in school sport. Please visit the DGS Flickr Page to see the fruits of our labour!

Our main method of communicating with participants, parents and carers is throughTeam App. This is a method of communication where coaches can provide instantaneous messages to regarding their sport via a smart phone App. Particularly if your child participates in weekend fixtures, this is a must have!  For more information click the logo below:


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