Home Learning Across the BGE

At Dunbar Grammar School we believe parents and carers make a positive difference to their young persons learning.  On this page you find helpful information about our approach to home learning across the Broad General Education (S1-S3) and advice about how you can support your child with their learning outside of the classroom.

Homework is a positive thing!

It allows students to go over what they have learnt in class and reflect on their own learning.

Even if you have little time or don’t know anything about the subject your child is studying you can still be involved. It’s not your ability that matters, but having a positive attitude about their efforts.

People learn a lot simply by having to explain what they are doing to someone else, so asking about homework really helps.

Here are some more tips;

  • Encourage your child to read regularly to increase their word-power. Read books, leaflets, magazines, newspapers. Reading is one of the most important skills for accessing the whole curriculum in school, especially in the more challenging senior years.
  • Check Google Classroom to see what homework has been set and how long it should take.
  • Encourage them to get organised and plan their homework against their free-time for the week.
  • Organise a quiet place at home free from distractions for them to complete homework. Not many people concentrate better with lots of background noise or music – despite what students may claim!
  • Get them to re-read their work and correct errors. Students should not simply settle for ‘good’ but always aim for excellent.
  • Motivate them to keep on going, even if they find things difficult. If every task was easy, students would never progress to become the very best they can be. Effort brings rewards.
  • Getting time to think about how well we are doing is really important. Ask them what they think they did well and what would they improve next time.

Home Learning – Subject Overviews

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