Update 16 August 2019

A very warm welcome back.  In particular, welcome to our new students and staff!

Change to your son/daughter’s Guidance Teacher

Mr Darren Martin has joined the Pupil Support Faculty from 14 August. He has taken over the following classes, as their Guidance Teacher:

  • 1C7       (Previously with Mrs Wood)
  • 1C8         (Previously with Ms McDonald)
  • 2C6        (Previously with Mrs Scott)
  • 2C7         (Previously with Mrs Wood)
  • 3C7        (Previously with Ms McDonald)
  • 5C5        (Previously with Ms McDonald)

This arrangement will be for the 2019/20 session. Mr Martin is looking forward to this new role and will work closely with the other Guidance teachers to ensure continuity of support for all students.  Mr Martin can be contacted by email at dmartin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk or by calling the school on 01368 863 339. The voicemail messages are in the process of being updated.

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