Update 11th May 2018

To all students on activities week next week, wherever you will be, have a great time and enjoy your experience!

Hard copies of the news is available from the school office.  The next weekly email will be sent on Friday 25th May.

S2 Activities Week

East Linton students will be dropped off in East Linton at approximately 1-1.15pm on Friday 18th May, on the way home from Edinburgh.

Please ensure that you keep an eye on the weather and that appropriate clothing is worn.  Also, think of sunscreen in the event of sunshine!  In the event of any student being absent, parents/carers should contact the school in the normal way.

Battlefields Experience 2018

One hundred and fifty four S3 students are heading off to France and Belgium next week to follow in the footsteps of our brave ancestors from a century ago. You can follow the progress of this year’s trip by following the Twitter account @DGSbattlefields.

Battlefields Trip 1 (Buses A and B)

Please can students going to Battlefields meet at 10.15 am at the latest in the DGS car park on Sunday 13th May.  Please can you park cars in the car park in designated spaces away from the coaches which will be parked where the school buses normally park. In the event of no spaces being available, please park on the street.

Please check the website next week for return arrangements.  The coaches will be returning to Hallhill on Friday 18th May at approximately 3pm.

Battlefields Trip 2 (Buses 2 and 3)

Please can students going to Battlefields meet at 10.15 am at the latest in Hallhill car park on Monday 14th May.

Please check the website next week for return arrangements.  The coaches will be returning to Hallhill on Saturday 19th May at approximately 3pm.

Items for S1 Activities Week

We are looking for items to use for the Mission Survival event in Activities Week. If you have any of the following, please can you hand them in to the school office on Monday:

  • red green and blue plastic milk bottle tops
  • old t-shirts (we need about 100 of these!)
  • toilet rolls
  • old colourful magazines
  • corrugated cardboard
  • old necklace chains and earrings
  • old nail varnish

S1 Dragons Den

      Congratulations to S1 Dragons’ Den group ‘Planetea;’ Taylor Anderson, Kitty Bird, Tess Brennan, Lewis Peacock and Cameron West who have won Dunbar Grammar Dragons’ Den 2018. The event, which took place on Friday 11th May, saw teams from each first year class compete against each other to be crowned winners.

Using their skills and knowledge from the S1 Technologies Course students were challenged to come up with an innovative robotic or technological device that would meet the needs of its user.

After deliberating, the Dragons announced Planetae as the overall winners. The group designed a robot to pick up litter to make a cleaner environment.

Thanks must go to our Dragons for their support with the event and providing the students with some fantastic feedback; Robyn Kempton – Project Manager at IBM; Max Sykes – Account Director, Cannon UK; and Paul Raffaelli – Head Teacher, Dunbar Grammar.

S3 Ceremony – Save the Date

The S3 ceremony will take place on Tuesday 29th May from 2pm – 3.45pm.  Invite letters for all S3 parents/carers will be issued on Wednesday 23rd May.

Uniform Survey

The uniform survey for parents and carers will close on Wednesday 16th May.  If you would like to participate in the survey, the link is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5CG9TQT

SQA Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service

This SQA service supports candidates who have been unable to attend an externally assessed timetabled examination, or whose performance in an externally assessed timetabled examination may have been fundamentally affected as a result of an incident beyond their control. The service exists to support only those candidates who have suffered an exceptional circumstance, such as bereavement or a medical condition. If a student is unwell on the day of an examination and cannot attend, a note from the Doctor must be obtained and the school informed immediately.  It is always recommended that a candidate sits the examination where possible. Sitting the examination does not exclude the candidate from having an exceptional circumstances request submitted on their behalf.

If you believe that your son/daughter is eligible for this service, please contact Mr Offer on the school number ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM.  If you have any question or queries, please contact Mr Offer.


Please find below a link to an opportunity from Museums Galleries Scotland.  There are 22 opportunities across Scotland, which are targeted at young people who are interested in roles in the cultural/museum sector: https://www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/jobs/skills-for-success-learning-placements/

Dates for Your Diary

Battlefields Group 1 Sun 13th – Fri 18th May
Battlefields Group 2 Mon 14th – Sat 19th May
S1 & S2 Activities Week Mon 14th – Fri 18th May
School Holiday Mon 21st May
S3 Ceremony Tues 29th May
Bronze DofE Trip1 Thurs 31st May – Fri 1st June
Change of Timetable Tues 5th June
New S5 Induction day Tues 5th June
New S6 Induction day Wed 6th June
Silver/Gold DofE Trip Fri 8th June – Tues 12th June
Dunbar Mile & Relays Wed 13th June
County Sports Thurs 14th June

S5/S6 Induction Day and New Timetable

Tuesday 5th June and Wednesday 6th June mark the official end of examination leave and are Induction Days for the new S5 and S6 students respectively.   Students have been given letters:

During these days students will be given information about their new timetable and will be required to sign a school contract, which identifies our expectations of them, and expectations they have of us.  Students will also have the opportunity to apply for prefect positions, and in the case of S6 students, to apply for the senior prefect posts of Head and Depute Head Boy and Girl.  S6 students will also be required to identify what they will be doing for their Wider Experience, which is a compulsory part of the S6 curriculum.  Again, students will be encouraged to apply for the volunteer awards (Saltire Awards) for all S6 students who successfully complete their service.

Please also see Information Sheets for our most up-to-date Information Sheet including updates on lunchtime and after-school clubs and:

  • House Points Update
  • Bake Off Competition
  • Dunbar Civic Week
  • If I Were a Provost