200 Club

Dunbar Grammar School Council

200 Club

The School Council has run a very successful ‘200 Club’ for a number of years with the aim of raising funds for Dunbar Grammar School.  These funds are then available to enhance the educational experience of students at the school and are used to purchase items not available through normal budget streams.

A draw takes place at the monthly School Council meeting with a prize of £65.00.  There is a special prize of £100.00 in June and December.  The cost of each number is £2.50 per month and there is no limit to the amount of numbers each person can hold.

If you would like to join the ‘200 Club’ please complete the Standing Order Mandate and return it to the school office:  200 Club SO Mandate .

Your mandate will be forwarded to your bank once received and an acknowledgement sent to you. We will inform you if your number/s have been drawn and post your win to you at your home address.

Should you wish to find out who won in any particular month or know how the funds are being used, details can be found in the minutes of the School Council click here.

Thank you for your support and good luck.