Severe Weather

Traprain Law, January 2010.


Up to date information will be announced on Radio Forth, East Lothian Council and DGS websites. If early closure is required, we will send out a group call by text.  Parents and carers are asked to make arrangements for children to go home or to a friend’s house if an emergency closure is required.

In the event of buses and taxis not running due to weather conditions, parents/carers should be informed directly by the transport services.  If parents/carers wish to bring students into school themselves, please note that they will have to make arrangements for them at the end of the school day as taxis and buses will not be available (one exception could be First Bus, please check with them).

School staff should continue to follow the Policy on Employee Absence due to Adverse Weather conditions.

Access to learning resources at home

Where possible, teachers will post work for students to complete in Google classrooms for each subject.

Also, parents, carers and children are able to access a wide range of learning materials though our innovative web site. You can find a wide range of learning resources, suggested research activities and homework tasks – either on your own school’s Edubuzz pages or on any of the other school sites.

Our teaching staff are adding to and updating this information on a regular basis and many of them are available to contact by email. Edubuzz also gives you access to over 1,000 other sites and the opportunity to network with more than 2,000 contributors across East Lothian.

For a full list of Edubuzz school sites, including your own school, go to

Please also make sure that your contact details held by the school are up to date as we may have to contact you at short notice should buses need to leave early or the school make an emergency closure.

Call us on 01368 863339.

Other Useful Websites

The following websites provide weather, travel and/or school closure information in the event of severe weather.