Prelim Diet 2020

Prelim Diet 2020

Please see the attached letter which has been given to S4-6 students regarding the English Prelims: January English Prelim Diet

‘How to Pass’ Parent/Carer Information Evening

Presentations from the evening:

Technologies Faculty – Arrangements for SQA assignments

The internal assignments for National 5 Engineering Science, Graphic Communication and Computing Science will take place between Tuesday 19 February and Friday 8 March 2019.  These assignments have to be done under exam conditions and adhere to a strict time frame.

Students who follow a short course in any of these subjects will, as well as their normal class time, be required to attend the CDT/Computing department at the following times.

It is vital that students attend all classes during this time. All assignments must be completed and returned to the SQA before the end of March.   Poor attendance could result in adversely affecting your child’s final grade.

Computing Science

Wednesday Period 7 20 February 201927 February 2019
Tuesday Period 6 and 7 5 March 2019

Engineering Science

Tuesday Period 7 19 February 201926 February 2019
Thursday Period 3 and 4 21 February 201928 February 2019

Graphic Communication

Wednesday Period 6 and 7 20 February 2019
Thursday Period 4 21 February 201928 February 2019
Monday Period 5 and 6 25 February 20194 March 2019

Here you will find information relating to DGS Prelim diet 2019

The purpose of this prelim diet is to give students an experience similar to the final exam diet in April/May.

Each day of the diet is divided into three slots:
• Periods 1-3 which lasts 2 hours, 30 minutes and is set aside mainly for N5 subjects
• Periods 4-5 which lasts 1 hour, 40 minutes and is set aside for both N5 and Higher subjects
• Periods 6-7 which lasts 1 hour, 40 minutes and is set aside for both N5 and Higher subjects
Start and finish times, as well as exam length, should be discussed by students with their subject teachers. No prelim will extend beyond the allocated time slot unless students have additional exam arrangements (extra time).
Students will come to class as normal unless they have a scheduled exam. They will revise in that class for that subject only. No new classwork will be taught and no homework will be set.
The majority of exams will be held in the Assembly Hall unless another classroom is identified. Classes will be identified prior to Christmas.
Advanced Higher prelims are not timetabled, students should arrange with their teachers for these to be done within class time.

IMPORTANT: If some of your scheduled exams clash with another exam, or if you have any other concerns or questions, please come to M8 at lunchtime on Thursday 22nd for a Prelim Working Group surgery.
Staff timetable