Pupil Support

For any concern about your wellbeing or the wellbeing of others email: pupilsupport@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

At DGS, we have a very successful and extremely hard-working pupil support department who support the needs of all students in the school.

All staff at DGS work with the government’s wellbeing indicators when helping young people.

Pupil Support Team

  • Principal Teacher Pupil Support Mrs. Pam McIntosh
  • PT Guidance Mrs. S Scott
  • PT Guidance¬† Ms. S Williamson
  • PT Guidance Mrs. C Devlin
  • PT Guidance Mr. D Martin
  • Pupil Support Worker Kirsty McLuckie
  • Pupil Support Worker Jennifer Duguid
  • Pupil Support Worker Nicola Stewart
  • Pupil Support Worker Moira Peggie

Support for Learning

  • Principal Teacher Support for Learning Mrs. S Park
  • Teacher Support for Learning Morag McEwan
  • Classroom Support Mrs. A Campbell
  • Classroom Support Mrs. L Clark
  • Classroom Support Mr. M Corrigan
  • Classroom Support Ms. H Clark
  • Classroom Support Mrs. J McIntyre