Support for Learning

Support for learning is a nurturing and achieving environment, allowing students to grow into strong individuals with a sense of belonging.

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Our ethos is one of respect for others and the celebration of all achievements.

Additional Support Needs

Our main goal is to have a positive impact and to make a positive difference in the lives of students with additional support needs. Through high quality learning and teaching from our committed and caring staff.

An additional support need comes from anything which is a barrier to learning. Students can need additional support for a wide variety of reasons during their education. This can be temporary or long-term.

Most, or all, schools will have some children with additional support needs of some kind. Our Students are supported by class teachers and a team of teaching and non-teaching staff, who work in partnership with parents and carers.

The education authority has many legal duties towards pupils with additional support needs.

Information about this is contained in a booklet called In On The Act: Information For The General Public which is published on the website at

At Dunbar Grammar School, our aim is to help all our students achieve the following:

· Successful learners

· Confident individuals

· Responsible citizens

· Effective contributors

In order to achieve this we aim to

  • Provide students with the opportunity to experience a high quality education and relevant curriculum combining teaching and learning strategies specific to their learning needs.
  • Students are provided with the opportunity to experience a broad and relevant curriculum which takes account of their individual needs.
  • To create an atmosphere of learning in a well-resourced teaching environment ensuring enjoyment and challenge.
  • To demonstrate mutual respect.
  • To enrich students experiences through the support and involvement of families and the wider community.
  • Provide a caring and stimulating learning environment where students feel valued as individuals and respected, where successes and achievements are celebrated.
  • Ensure staff have high expectations both of themselves and of the students based on a sound knowledge of pupils’ learning needs, ensuring that the needs of the individual are at the centre of everything we do.
  • Deliver a challenging curriculum so each student reaches his or her potential.
  • Continue to work in partnership and use the expertise of other professionals, parents and carers to enhance the teaching and learning process ensuring students needs are recognised and develop consistently.
  • Actively involve students in the learning process so that they can be as independent as possible and develop to the best of their ability.
  • Students are provided with the opportunity to learn through a range of real life experiences, taking part in activities in school and the local community to develop skills for learning, life and work.
  • Ensure that all pupils have an equal opportunity to achieve excellence, to have the highest expectations set for them and to have their achievements valued in the environment which suits them best.

We support students by:

  • Working closely with class teachers to adapt their courses for pupils with additional support needs (ASN).
  • Gathering information about students individual support needs.
  • Sharing information with class teachers about student support needs.
  • Continually assessing and planning for pupils with ASN.
  • Training staff and help pupils use technology to support learning.
  • Making alternative arrangements for exams.
  • Helping students use technology to support learning.
  • Providing a break and lunch club for pupils with ASN.
  • Making alternative assessment arrangements.
  • Set appropriate individualised learning outcomes, which are shared, evaluated and regularly updated.

For pupils who need further support:

  • Boosting reading, writing and spelling skills through the Accelerated Reading Programme.
  • Providing extra adult specialist support staff in class.
  • Additional reading teaching and support with literacy and numeracy.
  • Additional study in a quiet learning environment with specialist support staff.
  • We provide support in class
  • We provide additional study support out of class
  • We provide supported  homework clubs
  • We provide supported break and lunch clubs
  • We provide additional teaching in numeracy and literacy, either one to one support or in small groups.
  • We share information with class teachers regarding students using outside agencies if necessary.