Supporting anxiety and Mental Health at DGS


Below is a link to an NHS Lothian document – “Resources for parents and carers: anxiety and worry.”

There are links to online workshops; videos; an online course;  websites and books which can help families support young people.

Any questions please contact Pupil Support.

Link to document – Resources for Parents and Carers: Anxiety and Worry

A link to the full CAMHS resources on NHS Lothian website – CAMHS Resources.

Promoting the good mental health of everyone in our community is so important, especially during the current crisis.

Speak to your Guidance teacher if you have any concerns via Edubuzz or by emailing

CAHMS have updated their pages with very useful resources here

The NHS defines mental health as:

a reservoir of resilience to help us get through the day. The reservoir can go up or down.

This includes nice feelings such as happiness, love and gratitude, as well as difficult feelings such as anxiety, sadness and anger.

Young people can feel anxious about different things at different ages.They may worry about anything in their world at any point in time. For example, overhearing arguing at home or falling out with friends.

Young people will experience anxiety and this is a normal part of growing up. However, anxiety can become a problem when it impacts on a child or young person’s day-to-day life.

What can parents and carers do to support better mental health?

The NHS website is a great place to start

This anxious_child for parents and carers is very useful

For further information, see the following CAMHS alternative services websites

What can the school do?

Mental health support at DGS presentation, including SQA support at exam times