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The following information has been posted on the pupils’ google classroom this morning. This gives outline basic information on the DGS application process.

UCAS process – 2023/24

There are a number of important points, actions and timescales in this announcement. Please ensure you read this in detail all the way through! Don’t just skim and ignore.

1. You should by now have set up a UCAS account on the UCAS hub. You should also link this to the school using the buzzword “johnmuir2024”. At the moment I can see we have 59 pupils with accounts on UCAS but 103 in the Google classroom. It appears that a large number of pupils have not yet started their applications – this needs to start now.

2. Application sections. There are a number of general points to be made
a. Nationality – if you don’t have a UK passport please speak to your Guidance teacher.
b. Finance and Funding – a common mistake
“What will be the main source of your funding – 02 UK,ChI, IoM or EU”
“Student support arrangements – Student AA Scotland”
c. Education – use “C” course codes – e.g. Higher English – C824

3. Choices – you can select up to 5 courses (4 for medicine/dentistry etc). Usually, your choices will be in the same general subject area.

4. Personal statements. As discussed at the UCAS presentation, this is a very important part of your application – some say the most important – and is your chance to set yourself apart from other applicants. There are a number of good resources online including the UCAS website which give you hints and tips on writing your statement. This is your work – mentors (see below) are there to support and fine tune your work. They won’t do it for you! You should be up and running with this by now.

5. Personal Statement Mentors. The default setting is that your Guidance teacher will be your Personal Statement Mentor unless you have agreed with another member of staff that they will do this with you. We have a list of staff who have said they will work with pupils. List is below. Note that staff will only take a limited number of pupils due to the workload involved. It is up to you to approach staff and ask for their assistance.
When your personal statement is complete, you upload it to your UCAS application.

6. Reference. Your Guidance teacher takes the lead on your reference. They will approach a member of staff appropriate for your chosen course. For example, if you are applying to study History, they will approach your Higher/AH History teacher for a specific and targeted reference that comments on your History studies/skills. Your Guidance teacher will upload your reference to your application.

7. Timing – The benefits of early applications have been well documented. We are working on the following basis.
a. Application – as above, you should be working on this already. You should complete all the “basic” sections by end September. You should have choices selected also by end September so that Guidance can approach a suitable member of staff for your reference.
b. Personal statement – this should be under way. You should be aiming to complete your personal statement by the October holidays. Note – this means drafted, submitted, amended, re-drafted (as many times as needed), completed and uploaded.
c. Reference – Guidance staff will approach teaching staff for references just before the October holidays. It is important that you have choices in place well in advance.so that the appropriate teachers can be approached in good time. This is a particularly important deadline as staff have a 2 week “window” to work on UCAS – after that they will move on to other reports/tasks.
d. Application submission – aiming for most applications to be submitted during November with a deadline of 15th December. Year after year this has proven to give applicants the best chance of obtaining offers quickly.

8. When your application is complete, you pay the submission fee and submit. This then goes to your Guidance teacher for checking. When all complete, they submit to UCAS.

9. Questions – see your Guidance teacher ASAP.

Many thanks

Mr Martin and the Guidance team

Appendix – List of staff willing to act as Personal Statement Mentors

Mr Martin
Mrs Reid
Mrs Scott
Miss Williamson
Ms Gaughan
Ms Devillers
Mrs McEwen
Mrs Spink – FULL
Mr Foley
Mrs Hood
Mrs Baker
Miss Jack – FULL
Mrs Slowther
Mr Beaton – Ideally sport related courses
Ms White – FULL
Miss Ashkanani
Mr Elms
Mrs Hamilton
Mr Laidlaw – Prefer Maths/Engineering/Science applicant
Mx Norman
Miss Davidson – FULL




The UCAS application process is well up and running in school at the moment. Pupils should have started their applications online and be working on the detail now.

Timescales and procedures will be published on the Google classroom (below) and information will be posted here for parents as well.

Google Classroom code for 2024 UCAS entry – gtxnbpq.
Buzzword for linking applications to school – johnmuir2024

Mr Martin