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green box

Green reading box

This has been designed to help students strengthen their comprehension skills, and manage more complex reading. The challenges presented by Reading Box help instruct students on how to negotiate and comprehend textual forms, as well as provide strong examples for them to follow when expressing their own ideas in clearly defined formats.

We use Rapid Reader cards which have been designed to increase the speed at which students read and comprehend, our students like enjoy these and make good progress.

This learning resource is designed to appeal to both genders.

The reading comprehension activities provide questions that give students practice in the 3H question types. The 3H strategy divides questions into three types: HERE, HIDDEN, and HEAD:

  • HERE questions are obvious in the text ie. literal • HIDDEN questions can be drawn from one or more parts of the text • HEAD questions require the reader to bring their own knowledge or understanding to the information given in the text.

Literal, interpretive, inferential and critical levels

In keeping with the curriculum, every effort has been made to provide questions that test proficiency at a literal, interpretive, inferential and critical level.

Literal • directly stated in the text • stated in a label, diagram, title or heading • linked in consecutive sentences

Interpretive • a sequence of events • the meaning of symbols in text, map or poster • information in diagrams, pictures and other images

Inferential • the main idea using key words • word meanings from contextual clues • implied information • predicting using implied information

Critical • understanding the purpose of the text, paragraph or section • grasping the writer’s point of view • analysing the layout and text conventions

Testing All texts have been assessed by specially trained reading teachers to ensure that students are working at the appropriate level.
If students are to improve their reading comprehension they need to know how to draw information from a wide range of written forms.

To support students in this way, Reading Box Green contains examples of the following:

• narratives • recounts • descriptions • procedures • information reports • explanations • expositions • discussions • reviews • poetry • maps • email messages • transactions • magazine style articles • advertisements • posters • comic strip • a variety of other visual texts

How it helps learning

The reading box expands the practical features meaning that students are able to graduate seamlessly across products, progressing on to a more advanced degree of comprehension.

This develops students’ abilities for self-management, as well as allowing teachers to focus their attention onto specific individuals. It is an invaluable resource for inclusion amongst rotating reading group activities. It provides students with an opportunity to work on their own reading pace and practise such skills as skimming and keyword identification.

This resource with the help of our highly trained staff will foster confidence in students who are daunted by lengthy slabs of text.




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