Meet Our Staff


Our staff are specifically employed and trained to work with students who need extra support in order to complete their learning successfully.

We work with students with a wide variety of learning disabilities such as physically disabled, sensory impaired, speech and language difficulties such as dyslexia, autism, emotionally vulnerable, behavioral difficulties or have a combination of these disabilities.

We identify individual needs and create a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment.

  • teaching either individuals or small groups of pupils within or outside the class
  • preparing lessons and resources;
  • marking and assessing work;
  • developing and adapting conventional teaching methods to meet the individual needs of pupils;
  • using special equipment and facilities, such as audiovisual materials and computers to stimulate interest in learning;
  • collaborating with the classroom teacher to define appropriate activities for the students in relation to the curriculum;
  • assessing children who have long or short-term learning difficulties and working with colleagues to identify individual students special needs;
  • liaising with other professionals, such as social workers, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and educational psychologists;
  • liaising closely with parents and guardians;
  • organising learning outside the classroom in activities such as community visits, school outings or sporting events;
  • assisting in severely disabled pupils’ personal care/medical needs;
  • administration, including updating and maintaining records on pupils’ progress;
  • attending statutory annual reviews or other related meetings, such as Looked After Child (LAC) reviews, regarding students with an SEN, which may involve reviewing statements of special educational needs;
  • receiving in-service training;
  • behavior management.

Our Staff .

This is our dedicated and motivated team.

Mrs S Park. Principal Teacher


Mrs F Payton. Teacher



A Campbell. Auxillary


A Wyatt. Pupil Support Worker

Anna Wyatt

J Alexander.  Auxillary


L Clark: Auxillary

M Corrigan. Auxillary


I Duncanson.  Auxillary



J McIntyre: Auxillary


S Smith. Auxillary


N Stewart. Auxillary



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