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From Maths to English find what you need to help you study, but don’t worry it’s not all hard work in fact we think you will enjoy it.

Education City – Come play fun games while you learn! You can choose what games best suit you. You can even try and beat your high score or your best time…

Doorway Online – Come and find your activity on Doorway Online! You will be spoiled for choice from games in number work to fun ways for improving your memory.

Edu City

Sum Dog – Come play as a guest in this enjoyable Tower game, you can compete against other players, see who can answer the most maths questions and build the HIGHEST tower, its a great fun way to learn.

Edu City

There are a lot more learning resources out there on internet, below are some that we recommend, to help you find them quicker, just click on the name and you will be taken right there.


BBC skills wise – Over the next  few years the BBC revision site should become your best friend so why not see what it has to offer you. this learning resource is great for revision and extra help with exams.

Maths – This site does what it says on the tin, pay it a visit chose your level and see what you remember from class. Remember never too late to start revising.

Woodlands maths –

Why not have some fun and test your knowledge. Just don’t get lost now.

Manga high – Now that you have been through all these great maths websites why not unwind here with a nice game?





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