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Additional Support Needs – Find a Service

Additional Support Needs – Find a Service Parents of children and young people with additional support needs will now benefit from a new map of services which covers all of Scotland and allows them to pinpoint exactly what is in their area.  The map, which features 20 different categories of 1,000 education, access to education and family support services, has been put together and will be maintained by Enquire. The development of the map was one of 21 recommendations from the strategic review of learning provision for children and young people with complex additional support needs. The final report from the review, The Right Help at the right time and right place, published in November 2012, highlighted the “fight” some parents faced to obtain help and

Question: Do coloured overlays help children with Dyslexia?
Some children express a preference for using coloured overlays when reading. There is no solid scientific evidence, however, that children with dyslexia make better progress in literacy interventions when supported by visual interventions such as coloured overlays.
Coloured overlays should not, therefore, be viewed as part of any planned education intervention.
Every child should undergo routine vision testing and if any error is detected should use the regular prescribed glasses/ lenses.

Use of overlays to help improve children’s reading.

 A number of students say the benefit from the use overlays to help with reading. There are a number of Opticians in the Edinburgh Area who carry out this work.

Most of them charge up to £50:00 for this service to identify a coloured overlay.

If using these opticians please inform us or give them the details of the school, email and address.   The opticians will then try and send us back a copy of the test results.

If an overlay is required we will provide them for the student,  however they must come from the Institute of Ophthalmic Opticians (IOO.)   Telephone: 020 7608 6800.

Note: There are practitioners who have suggested the use of a peach overlay.    This colour is not recognised by the IOO so we would not be able to provide that.

List of Opticians.

Business Address Telephone Number
Ballantyne and Goldie Davidson’s Mains 70 Main Street, Edinburgh 0131 336 4764
Downes Opticians Leith. 2 N Junction St, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH6 6HN 0131 553 5358
Birrell and Rainfords 15 William St, Edinburgh EH3 7NG 0131 226 7833 0131 226 7833


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