Christmas in P3

Christmas already?


The P3 year stage are busy learning their song words for our P3 Enterprise Event. So far one song has been sent home to learn- please make sure you bring your words into school every day.

Our teachers think we sound amazing! You’re in for a treat…

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Brilliant Badminton

This morning P3b were improving their badminton skills- they focused on a backhand and a forehand serve.


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Children in Need 2016


Well done to all the pupils in P3 who pulled out all the ‘spots’ in getting dressed up and raising money for Children in Need.  It really brightened up our Friday after a very busy week.  We had fun adding our spare change to our giant Pudsey Bears and we’re looking forward to finding out how much we’ve all helped to raise for this great charity.


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P3b’s Library Trip

image image image image image image image image image image image

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Proper Nouns

P3b have been learning about Proper Nouns. Can you list five? Check out our colourful placemats below.


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Smarties Maths!

Today P3b enjoyed (or LOVED!) our Smarties maths. We counted each colour of Smartie to create a tally chart. We then used this information to make a graph.164 157 158

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Hot and Cold Lands

This topic is very cool!  But also very hot!

We are looking forward to learning about animals from different climates and how they have learned to live in their environment.  Polar bears are proving very popular in 3B!

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Data Handling

The Primary 3 classes are learning all about Data Handling this week. We have been looking at different ways of recording out data.

P3b created a human bar graph showing their favourite foods. We remembered to include a title and to label our axis.

Would you pick pasta, banana, fish and chips, cake, pizza or beans? Can you see what P3b’s favourite food was?


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Celts Woodland Visit

img_1833P3B had a fantastic morning in Lochend Woods.  We had 3 different learning stations to see what living like a Celt would be like (see all pictures by clicking here)

  1. building a celtic roundhouse
  2. creating a natural weave on a tree loom
  3. making a celtic recipe with herbs and oats and cooking popcorn on an open fire.

Out visit made us think about how the celts worked hard to create shelter, food and clothing for themselves.  The children had some interesting questions develop from their visit.  We looked at lots of plants including different trees, berries, nettles, herbs and oats.  We also spotted a toad and some friendly robins.

“How did they go to the toilet?”

“How did they kill their animals?”

“What did they cover themselves with in the roundhouse when they went to sleep?”

“what did they fill the holes in the roundhouse with to stop wind getting in?”

A fantastic learning visit – thank you also to our parent helpers who made our visit possible!

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Grandparents’ Day

Some of our lovely grandparents joined us during our reading lesson today. We loved having them in our classroom. Some grandparents even completed their own sheet! We were delighted to give them a sticker to say “well done” too.

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