Expressive Arts Week at Dunbar Primary School 25th-29th May

Dunbar Primary School
Expressive Arts Week 25th – 29th May 2020

To keep learning interesting and engaging, this week we have planned an Expressive Arts Week.
Expressive Arts covers the four curricular areas of Art, Drama, Music and Dance.

We have prepared a variety of indoor and outdoor activities shared across all year groups, suitable for families to do together. Some can be done indoors and some outdoors.

As always, these are optional and there is no pressure to complete a set amount of activities per day – it is up to each individual family how and when they complete an activity, if any.
We hope you will enjoy some of the activities on offer!

Mrs Mailer has also produced an easy to follow guide to Samba.

Dunbar Primary School Expressive Arts Week




Scotland Learns- Parents Newsletter 3



In this issue there are:


Great new learning activities on Literacy and Numeracy,
tips for staying safe online, advice on supporting your child’s social and emotional needs, new Gaelic learning activities and
there is also a creativity challenge to invent your own National Holiday.

This newsletter is specifically for parents and carers. The activities do not require lots of materials and the tasks are designed to encourage children’s creativity and independence.

You can see previous editions of this newsletter on our Scotland Learns website.

Parents Newsletter 3

Scotland Learns-An Education Scotland weekly newsletter for parents and carers.

What is this?
Find ideas, hints and tips for parents and carers, including activities that children can do on their own or families can do together.

In these uncertain times, parents, carers and families are under a lot of pressure, especially in supporting children to continue to learn. No-one expects parents and carers to take the place of teachers.
This weekly newsletter has ideas, hints and tips for parents and carers, including activities that children can do on their own at home or families can do together.
These activities are intended to complement the activities provided by your school and help your child have a broad range of learning experiences during the school closures. Follow this link to subscribe to the Parents and Carers newsletter.



Supporting Home Learning at Dunbar Primary School

Supporting Home Learning@ Dunbar Primary School
Please find information regarding some of the changes we have put in place in connection with your valued feedback from our recent parental questionnaire.
Please be aware that not every year stage works in exactly the same way, as teachers are working hard to put in place what works best for their age and stage. Our teachers are working very hard to get to grips with a lot of new digital skills as we go along!
Thank you for your feedback, and we will continue to learn and improve the ways we are offering distance learning.

YOU SAID – You would like some of the tasks read out loud.
WE DID- We have now started to use Screencast O Matic to do this.

YOU SAID – You would like to know when Google classroom tasks are going to be set each day.
WE DID- We have introduced daily or weekly timetables.

YOU SAID – You would like more typing skills tasks because you are typing a lot at the moment.
WE DID-We have changed our ICT plans to suit this.

YOU SAID – you would like more links to the BBC Bitesize resources.
WE DID- We have incorporated these more regularly in tasks set.

YOU SAID – You would like us to organise the ‘to do’ section so it is clearer for you to see what tasks you still have to complete.
WE DID- We have made sure to do this to make tasks clearer.

YOU ASKED- You asked for more support for ASN children.
WE DID- Support classrooms had already been set up for children with ASN from P4-7 who were attending support groups. Mrs Kelly has now opened these up to any child who feels they need extra help. These have resources, recommended websites, and the chance to ask other for extra support.

YOU ASKED- You asked for a chance to see the teachers more.
WE DID- Lots of teacher’s have now begun uploading video content of themselves, either reading stories, introducing lessons or just sharing news.

We have posted details to the Google Classrooms and below to help parents to learn how to edit PDF documents: this is available on Tablets and phones only

Meeting Teachers- Children would like the opportunity to talk to their teachers- Teachers are beginning to try out Google Meets to find what works best for their learners.

Technical Issues- Some of the IT issues have made tasks difficult – We are increasingly trying to offer more offline tasks – outdoor learning, art, etc.

Weekly Planning- It helps to plan the week when you know what is coming up at the start of the week – some year stages are trying out a weekly overview on a Monday to give more guidance on this,
Daily Planning- Other stages are setting a regular range of activities at the start of each day.

Useful Websites for You and Your Children

Subject Website Resources






Corbett Maths

Online and downloads
Count On

Explanations in ”Maths Magnet”, and online games

Online games to practice maths skills


Story Bots

Video clips available on Netlfix or youtube
British Council

Loads of online activities for all areas of literacy.
Oxford Owl

Online books and resources – including Read Write Inc Support
Teach your monster to read


Fun phonics learning, from individual letter sounds up to word and sentence level.
ICT Little Miss Inventors Code Garden


Enlarge the small game screen. Very simple online coding game.

Great Online teach yourself to code activities
Topics RSPB

Lots of fun ideas for ideas in nature
You need to sign up, but this is free. Great for curious kids.
Big History Project

Videos, stories and quizzes about our world.
Languages BBC languages


Online videos, lessons and games for French, German and many others
Art Shoo Rayner Art

Online drawing tutorials. We use this lots in school!
How to Draw Cartoons

Multi-subject BBC Bitesize

Online games and videos, daily lessons

Reading, writing, maths and typing activities.

Online games to practice maths, phonics and spelling.