School Improvement Plan 2014/15

The following areas were identified in our review process as priorities for session 2014/2015:

·Staff development programme for all teachers at DPS in ’Co-operative Learning’ linked to our aim of providing a learning environment that focus on all pupils being active participants in their learning; thinking and talking together to discuss ideas, question, analyse and solve problems supported by each other.

·Development of pupil voice in our school and pupils engagement in their learning; this work will link into the Co-operative Learning programme we will begin in August.

·Develop internal and cluster Moderation programme aimed at developing professional dialogue and increasing staff confidence in identifying levels; making links to our tracking and assessment programmes and including our pupils in the process.

·Develop coherent, progressive, relevant and exciting programmes of learning in Social Studies from Nursery – Primary 7

·Development of Dunbar Primary School as a ‘Rights Respecting School’ where pupils understand the UNICEF convention of the Rights of the Child and this is central to the ethos of our school.

The following areas were identified in our review process as areas for maintenance for session 2014/15:

·Continue to improve the quality of teaching & learning and assessment in reading to ensure continued improvement in attainment; this will be developed with our programme ‘Dunbar Reads Aloud’

·Continue development of Outdoor Learning

·Link the work begun last session on applying maths skills into a context

A copy of the plan is available below:

SIP 201-15 plan

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