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Students have access to Mathletics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Provides the perfect link between home and school, where results flow seamlessly.

• A wide variety of curricula and courses available which can be tailored for your individual students’ abilities.

• Mathletics Credits ensure students constantly strive to improve their maths results.

• Mathletics creates healthy competition amongst students in a global community.

• Very easy to use.

• Teachers receive student results instantly.

• The Results Manager can be used to monitor student progress and to assign tasks.

• Concept Mastery is at the core of Mathletics.

The program is based upon adaptive learning thus students can learn at their own pace.



Some parents are having issues at home. One issue may be the use of Chrome. Mathletics will not run on this as a recent change has seen Flass being removed from Chrome.

On the I-Pad the app appears to be working well.

The most common reason for problems at home is due to internet speed or their computers not meeting the minimum technical requirements. Parents can view the minimum technical requirements here:

If the students are still having difficulties at home, parents are welcome to contact Mathletics customer support team who can help them identify and fix the problem, including updating their computers to so that they meet the minimum technical requirements. The service is free as part of your subscription. The customer support team contact details are:

Phone- 0117 370 1990