World Book Day – Dress Up Ideas

Please see below for further homemade book character costumes. You can also look at for more ideas!

Mary Poppins
Wear a black skirt with a white blouse tucked in. You could also have a little white maid-type apron and an umbrella for extra effect!

Harry Potter
Wear a smart school uniform and circular glasses, and draw a lightening scar on forehead using face paint or make-up. You could have additional props if you like such as a black robe or cape, a wand, a Gryffindor coloured scarf or a toy owl.

Hermione Granger / Ron Weasley
Wear a smart school uniform with tie and carry a wand/character props, e.g. Hermione would carry a book.

Where’s Wally
Wear jeans and a white long sleeve top. You can paint red stripes on the top using fabric pens or fabric paint. Then, wear a white bobble hat, again using fabric pens or paint for the stripes. Finish the look with a pair of glasses.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Wear green leggings and a green t-shirt. Stuff pairs of green tights, and attach them down the back of a t-shirt and leggings, to represent caterpillar legs. Attach antennae onto a headband.

Oliver (or other Victorian pauper)
Wear short brown trousers, a brown shirt & brown cap.

Alex Rider
Wear ‘cool’ boy’s clothes with a gadget or two! Pupils could make their own gadgets using boxes, kitchen foil etc.

Dress all in black and wear cat ears (could be attached to a hairband).

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