Can you help fill up our new Play Pod?

We are very excited to have taken delivery of our new Play Pod. This is sited out in our John Muir Campus playground and will be used by all the children at lunchtimes and during lesson times. We aim to fill it with a variety of very open-ended materials which the children can use to build structures, create role play scenarios and unleash their creativity and imagination in lots and lots of ways. What may seem like junk to us can very quickly become a knight’s castle, a spaceship, a racing car or a den with some team work and inspiration!

We will need lots of materials to fill the pod and to ensure that our large number of pupils can join in with this exciting play opportunity.

Can you help? Perhaps you have some materials that have been lurking in the garage or loft for some time awaiting a visit to the tip?  Please see a list of materials below- please give Joanne Legge at John Muir Campus a call if you can  help- we can arrange collection. If you have something that isn’t on the list but that you think may be suitable please also give Joanne a call.

Thank you!

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