Instrumental Music Tuition- Important Information Update for P4-P7 Parents from East Lothian Council

Instrumental Music Tuition

Important Update

Tuesday 11th September 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

We are writing to advise you of the following important updates in relation to your engagement with the Instrumental Music Instruction service.

Submission of registration forms – returning pupils

With the introduction of charging for the service it is vital that all pupils who want to continue to receive instrumental instruction are formally registered and with this in mind we have extended the deadline for submission of registration forms for returning pupils to Tuesday 18 September 2018. With this in mind we are confident that this extension will allow sufficient time for all registration forms for returning pupils to be returned. However, for those who do not return their forms, it will not be possible for music tuition to continue and parents/carers will be advised accordingly.

Submission of registration forms – new pupils

Instrumental instructors are currently undertaking selection procedures for new pupils entering the service with the submission of registration forms having already started and this will continue in the coming days/weeks. Schools will by now have informed parents/carers of the selection process which is underway. The pupils selected will receive a registration form which needs to be completed by the parent/carer, signed off by the Music Instructor and then submitted to the Education Department as soon as possible for processing.

Payment for tuition

First payments will now be made from 15 October 2018 and not 15 September 2018 as previously indicated. This change to the payment schedule will enable all parents/carers to use the new online payment system which East Lothian Council is currently rolling out across the county. This new online payments system has a range of new features and in due course will also have the ability for parents to make automatic recurring payments, to improve the user experience further. Notification of when this new feature is available will be advised at the appropriate time. Page 2 of 2

IN THE MEANTIME PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENTS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION LETTER AND PAYMENT SCHEDULE FROM US. This information will explain how, where and when to make payments. A confirmation letter with a payment schedule will be issued over the coming weeks. Lessons will still continue for returning pupils during this period as long as a registration form has been submitted.

Please note, the revised payment periods will now be: Option 1: 10 monthly payments.

Payments will begin in October and be paid by the 15th of each month on an ongoing basis up to and including July 2019.

Option 2: 3 termly payments.

Payable October 15th, January 15th and April 15th.

Option 3: I wish to pay the full amount in 1 payment.

Payable by October 15th.


Information Update – Instrumental Music Tuition 11-09-18FINAL

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