Weekly Update 4th March

Monday 4th March

Red Noses being sold all week by P7s at the end of day for £1.25 each

AM: P7s in Dance Studio for Road Safety Performances (P7 Dance Studio Slots) 
Performance 1: 9.15 – 10.30am
Performance 2: 11 – 12.15pm
1-3pm P2 Dance – Giraffes can’t dance – music room

Tuesday 5th March

All Day: P6 Relax Kids in Dance Studio (using P6 Slots)
All Day: P7 Dental Checks in Quiet Room (upstairs next door to Butterfly Room)

Wednesday 6th March

8.55-11.30: Horse-riding
9.00 – 10.45 Piano Lessons in Music Room
ALL DAY: P7 Rugby sessions on field
9.30 – P1 Dental check

Thursday 7th March

World Book Day – Bring a Potato!

6.15 – 8.15: P7 Cluster Spring Fling in Lochend Gym Hall

Friday 8th March

No Friday morning meeting

9.00-9.45: P5 BOATS ALL P5 CLASSES 





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