Useful Websites for You and Your Children

Subject Website Resources






Corbett Maths

Online and downloads
Count On

Explanations in ”Maths Magnet”, and online games

Online games to practice maths skills


Story Bots

Video clips available on Netlfix or youtube
British Council

Loads of online activities for all areas of literacy.
Oxford Owl

Online books and resources – including Read Write Inc Support
Teach your monster to read


Fun phonics learning, from individual letter sounds up to word and sentence level.
ICT Little Miss Inventors Code Garden


Enlarge the small game screen. Very simple online coding game.

Great Online teach yourself to code activities
Topics RSPB

Lots of fun ideas for ideas in nature
You need to sign up, but this is free. Great for curious kids.
Big History Project

Videos, stories and quizzes about our world.
Languages BBC languages


Online videos, lessons and games for French, German and many others
Art Shoo Rayner Art

Online drawing tutorials. We use this lots in school!
How to Draw Cartoons

Multi-subject BBC Bitesize

Online games and videos, daily lessons

Reading, writing, maths and typing activities.

Online games to practice maths, phonics and spelling.