Dunbar Primary ARCH Fortnight






Dunbar Primary School ARCH Fortnight 15th – 26th June 2020

Activities will be posted to all pupils via Google Classroom.

Parents can access the activities  for the two weeks below.

For the final two weeks of term, we are providing a variety of activities linked to our school values, which are:

Ambition, Resilience, Community, Happiness (ARCH)  A is for AMBITION  Ambition means really wanting to do or achieve something.   R is for RESILIENCE  Resilience means being able to bounce back – not giving up if something is difficult, coping when something doesn’t  go the way you want it to, talking about how you are feeling and giving things your best shot.   C is for COMMUNITY  A Community is a group of people living or working together in the same area; we are all part of the community of  Dunbar Primary School – we help each other and we solve problems together.   H is for HAPPINESS  Happiness is a feeling connected to lots of things – when we do well in our learning, when we play with our friends,  when we have our favourite dinner, when we are content.

DPS ARCH Fortnight Early Level (1)

Early Example

Dunbar Primary School ARCH Fortnight 1st Level

First Level Example




DPS ARCH Fortnight 2nd Level 15th – 26th June 2020

Second Level Example



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