Weekly Update 31 August 2020

Monday 31st August 2020 Weekly Update

Welcome to the new weekly update that will be sent out every Friday to keep parents updated with whole school and whole year stage updates.


Most year stages have a Twitter account. On this site you will find pictures and information for that year stage. You can access the Twitter feeds without having an account on any web browser. The main school Twitter page has a feed on the school website. Currently the P3 year stage post to the main school site.

Face Coverings – New Guidance – 31 August 2020 Secondary Schools ONLY

As you’ll be aware, the Scottish Government has announced that, from Monday 31 August 2020, face coverings should be worn by young people attending secondary schools when they are moving around the school in corridors and confined communal areas (such as toilets, social areas, PE changing rooms) where physical distancing is particularly difficult to maintain. There is no requirement currently for pupils in Primary Schools to wear face coverings, although children are free to do so if they wish.

Playground Zones

The children in both Campuses will be shown their new playground Zones for the next two week starting 21st August. This system has worked very well and we congratulate the children on playing in their zones extremely well.

Water in school 

In Lochend the children can refill their water bottles in class.

In John Muir water bottles can be refilled from cold jugs supplied to each class through the day.

NHS Advice

Flu Immunisation. We would be grateful if you could return the permission slips for flu vaccine as soon as possible as these will be uplifted by the NHS shortly for processing. We will share dates for flu clinics as soon as we have had this confirmed.

NHS Coronavirus Information from East Lothian Council: https://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/info/210557/schools_and_learning/12534/back_to_school_2020/4


Parents are requested to return PC1 Forms as soon as possible. These were sent out electronically last week. If you require a  hard copy please contact the school office and one will be sent home via pupil post.

The School Day

The timings for arrival and departure are below. There is no change to previous timings.

School Newsletter

The school Newsletter from Mrs Gillanders will be issued on Friday 4th September and will be available here on the school website. Parents who request paper copies will have them sent home as usual.

John Muir Campus

Stage Start

Mon – Friday

Monday – Thursday

Finish Time


Finish Time

Primary 1 8.50am – 9am 2.55pm 12.00
Primary 2 8.40am   – 8.50am 2.45pm 12.05
Primary 3 8.35- 8.45am 3pm 12.10


Lochend Campus

Stage Start

Mon – Friday

Monday – Thursday

Finish Time


Finish Time

Primary 4


Primary 5


School starts at 8.45am but doors will open 10 minutes earlier for a soft start. Dismissed at 3.00pm Dismissed at 12.10pm
Primary 6


Primary 7



School starts at 8.55am but doors will open 10 minutes earlier for a soft start. Dismissed at 3.10pm Dismissed at 12.20pm


On PE days it would be advisable if children could bring with them a fresh pair of socks and a a school jumper or sweatshirt in their bag. This is to give them the chance to change into some dry clothes if weather is poor. All PE currently is outdoors.


A MacRury, DHT.

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