Weekly Update 7th September 2020

Dear Parents

School Newsletter.

The September Newsletter can be found here:

September 2020 newsletter Final

Read Write Inc

The P1 to P3 will start Read, Write Inc. groups on Monday. The groups will be Monday to Wednesday.

Accelerated Reader

As of Monday 7th September any P5 – P7 pupil can start quizzing on A.R using the Chrome books in the classroom.
The current P4 classes will be added to AR over the course of this session and will undertake a STAR Reading Assessment when they are ready to do so.
STAR Reader Assessments

Currently we can only have one class in the ICT Suite every day so that it gets fully cleaned and fogged in between classes. This will mean it will take longer than previous years to get all P5-P7 children through their STAR assessments. Mrs Eeles has organised a timetable to achieve this starting from Monday 7th September
Lochend and John Muir School Libraries
Lochend  and John Muir Libraries are NOT open at the moment so pupils will need to read books from  class libraries or ones brought in from home and quarantined for 72 hours.  We are still working out how we move forward with a system to get the library up and running this term.

Play Ground Zones

John Muir Campus will be moving playground play zones on Monday 7th September. In both Campuses the play ground zones are used to ensure classes are kept in their bubbles during break and lunchtimes. We have planned to rotate these fortnightly to allow the classes access to different opportunities of play in each zone.

COVID-19 and school: FAQs for parents and carers

These Frequently Asked Questions bring together some of the questions parents and carers have asked since schools started back following the summer break.

COVID-19 FAQs for parents and carers V2 010920

If you have other questions please look at the NHS Inform website or ask your child’s school. The school will contact NHS Lothian Health Protection Team if they need help giving you an answer.

Dunbar Primary School-Zones of Regulation

Support for Every Pupil with two programmes – Zones of Regulation and Building Resilience

We recognised that pupils would feel all kind of emotions when they started back and all classes from Nursery to Primary 7 have been using two resources that are helping them try and make sense of their emotions, feelings and support them in dealing with reconnecting with school.


Communication is crucial in our school to ensure that we keep you updated and informed; equally it is vital that you feel able to contact us with any questions or concerns.  In most instances your child’s class teacher is the best person to contact. We know that the best time is to call at the end of the school day once the pupils have been dismissed.   Members of the Senior Leadership Team all look after a specific stage and if the teacher cannot be contacted then you should contact this person:

Nursery:   Miss De’Ath               Primary 1:  Mrs Legge

Primary 2:  Mrs Wight                Primary 3:  Miss Ross

Primary 4:  Mr MacRury           Primary 5:  Mrs Kelly

Primary 6:  Mrs Eeles                  Primary 7:  Miss Eunson

We are all contactable during the day, however we are unfortunately unable to meet in the school unless in exceptional circumstances.

Meet the Teacher – Stage presentations will be available from Monday 14th September.

Due to the current restrictions on adults being in schools we will be offering our Meet the Teacher sessions on-line. Each stage from P1-P7 and The Cove have created a presentation with details about the year ahead and will share information relevant to each year group.

Unfortunately, it also means that Mrs Gillanders is unable to meet you all in the halls at each campus and talk to you about our whole school plans for the coming year and to reflect on last session. We have produced family friendly versions of our School Improvement Plan for 2020/21 and our school Standards and Quality Report which looks back to 2019/20, which we can all acknowledge was the very strangest of times from March onwards. These will be sent  via email to all parents.

Full versions of both documents are also available here.

Parent Friendly School Improvement Plan 2020 (1)

Final 19&20 Dunbar Primary School Standards and Quality Report

Angus MacRury, DHT on behalf of Dunbar Primary School



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