Weekly Update 12th October

Dear Parents and Carers

Sorry this is a little late this week.

Change to Parents Evenings – Interim Pupil Report

(From Newsletter)
Due to the current COVID19 restrictions we are currently unable to operate face-to-face meetings. Just so you are aware we considered on-line meetings, and telephone calls but the lack of security using Google Meet and the lack of phone lines made these options unsuitable for this first session.

We felt it was important this year to get feedback on your son/daughter sooner than November and we will be sending an Interim Report for each pupil during the week beginning Monday 12th October.

This is based on their current progress, their effort and the support needed. Class teachers have provided next steps and learning targets that we would ask parents to support with at home. The pupil reports will be e-mailed to you and the next steps and learning targets will come home in an envelope so please look out for this in your child’s bag.

Having read your child’s/children’s report you have the option to call the class teacher to discuss any particular concerns raised with the report. There will be a form for feedback included with the learning target sheet.

Work for pupils who are self-isolating or absent

If pupils are absent due to isolating, work can be found on their Google Classrooms. However, it is important to remember that our teachers are still teaching the class and may not be able to answer emails or questions during the school day. Remember only do school work if your child is  well enough to do so.

Children First

Children First would to like to highlight their parentline.

Parentline provides emotional, practical and financial to families. They are able to provide one off bits of advice or continued advice and support over an extended time.
If you as a parent/carer are struggling for any reason, see this leaflet: Parentline-leaflet-East-Lothian

Attendance and Arrival Times

(From Newsletter)
Once again can we thank you your efforts in getting your children to school on time; the majority are coming through the gates with smiles on faces, and getting into the classroom at their stage set time. This is vital in keeping pupils socially distanced but it also allows for the teaching of lessons to start promptly.

Currently at Lochend Campus we have two concerns; some of our P7 pupils are coming in very early at 8.15am and then mixing across all class bubbles – we are all trying so hard to keep to the Government guidelines and it is vital that they do too. Please can we ask these pupils not to arrive before 8.30am and then to remain socially distanced and within their class bubble.

We also have a core group of pupils who for a variety of reasons: visiting the play-park, they had to drop sibling off who made them late, or went via the shop to buy sweets.

This is becoming a problem with some pupils coming in 20 – 45 mins after they should have been in school. The impact on the teaching and learning is on all of the pupils – our teachers cannot keep starting lessons again for latecomers. Pupils are missing vital information that is passed on first thing, or they miss choosing their lunch option.
We are going to continue with our ‘soft starts’ but we really need your help in ensuring that your child/children make it into school at the right time:

John Muir Pupils and  Lochend Pupils

Lesson Starting Times

P1 Pupils should be in class by 9.00am

P2 Pupils should be in class by 8.50am

P3 Pupils should be in class by 8.45am

P4 & P5 pupils should be in class by 8.45am

P6 & P7 pupils should be in class by 8.55am

October School Holidays

School finishes for the October half-term on Friday 16th October at the usual times. We look forward to seeing pupils again on Tuesday 27th October.

October Holidays

Families be going abroad during the October holidays please check the latest Government guidance about quarantining and country exemptions on return. This can be found at https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-public-health-checks-atborders/pages/exemptions/

Lockdown Diaries Winners

Vouchers and certificates from Be Green Dunbar were presented to 9 of our pupils for the best‘lockdown’ journals. Well done!! A big thank you to
Be Green Dunbar and our wonderful Parent Council for organising















Facemasks at drop off and Pick up

If you are able to, please wear a face covering at the school gates and when dropping off and collecting your child from nursery and school ,
Thank you for your continued support. You will have noticed that all school staff are doing this!

Angus MacRury, DHT.