Weekly update 13th November 2020

Children in Need @40

We snapped a few members of staff at Lochend today who were dressed in cosy / spotty / Pudsey outfits! The children were amazing as usual . Well done all .We all had a fun day raising money for Children In Need donations still accepted next week.

P1 Enrolment

With current COVID-19 restrictions on parents entering East Lothian Council school buildings, it will not be possible for parents to visit their catchment school to enrol their child for the P1 intake in August 2021. East Lothian Council’s Education Service are currently looking at alternative options for the P1 enrolment this year. Further information regarding P1 enrolment will be available here soon.

Hot meals

A present we are in the process of introducing some hot choices on a daily basis. At present burgers, paninis and baked potatoes are just 3 of the choices. The choices can be viewed on Schoolpay.
a full hot meals service is not currently available within our schools
packed lunches or hot snacks will be provided for children and young people on free school meals and those who wish to pre order via Schoolpay.

How do we receive our Free School Meals if we are isolating?

If a pupil who receives Free School Meals is isolating, parents should not collect the meal from the school. Your school will contact the parent to arrange for delivery of the meal(s).

Provision of water

We are encouraging children and young people to bring a filled water bottle to school with them each day, clearly marked with their name. Water will be available for refills during the day. Water will continue to be available at lunchtimes, too. If you cannot provide a water bottle, please speak to your school.

Christmas Hamper Appeal

We would like to support our local community this Christmas and the Dunbar Basics Bank appeal. See  poster  above for details.

This has been e-mailed out to all families today (Friday 13th Nov), tweeted to @DunbarPrimary and added to the Parent Council Facebook page.  Children can bring in an item for the appeal if they are able to.

Volunteers from Dunbar Basics Bank will collect the items from JMC and Lochend on Thursday 3rd December.

For Parents and Carers in receipt of Free School Meals

If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals we would like you to know about an additional resource available this Christmas. Helen Harper, Dunbar’s Community Development Officer is coordinating the provision of a Turkey Xmas Dinner and a New Year Steak Pie Dinner for any family who requests it. The ready-made meal will be delivered to your home a few days before Xmas and New Years Day.
If you are interested in receiving a meal please phone/text or email Helen providing your name, address and number of meals you require. Her contact details are Helen Harper 07970189321, hharper@eastlothian.gov.uk

Anti-Bullying Week 16-20 November 2020

This week throughout the school there will be a focus every day in every class on bullying and its impact. Dunbar Primary School in line with all East Lothian Schools use the Respectme definition of bullying https://respectme.org.uk/bullying/what-is-bullying/ as this is in line with the Scottish National Approach to anti-bullying:
Bullying is a mixture of behaviours and impacts; what someone does and the impact that it has on you, which affects your ability to feel safe and in control of yourself.
Bullying behaviour happens face to face and online and can include:
Being called names, being teased or made fun of

  • Being hit, pushed or kicked
  • Having your belongings taken or damaged
  • Being ignored, left out, or having rumours spread about you in
  • Being humiliated
  • Receiving abusive messages or having nasty comments made about you online
  • Being targeted because of who you are or how people see you

This can hurt you physically or emotionally and, although the behaviour might not be repeated, the threat or worry that it will happen again can be very real.
Bullying can also happen because of people’s prejudices towards other people; because they’re different in some way or are perceived to be different. But being different isn’t the problem – the problem lies in other people’s attitude towards what makes someone different. Some of the things that make us different are protected by law, to address the imbalance experienced by some groups over the years.
For more information and help for children, parents and carers visit: https://respectme.org.uk/

Update on Bike Security from Police Scotland

Following recent bike thefts in the area, we have been asked by Police Scotland to advise parents that all bikes should be locked when stored in the bike shelters at Dunbar Primary School. The best type of lock is a ‘D lock’ as these are very difficult to cut.


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