Weekly update 26th February

Drop Off and Pick Up at John Muir Campus -Revised Times

Thanks to everyone for wearing a mask and keeping to the 2m rule!

 Drop Off – soft start 8.40 – 9am

Thanks to all parents – the drop-off today was much smoother and chilled – no waiting around and pupils were really resilient and independent.

Lots of you did a ‘Drop & Go’ and it meant we had so much more room for pupils to walk in and for Parents and Carers to stand much further away and see them into the gates.  Still a reminder that we would appreciate if you left after dropping off and did not wait at the railings.

 Pick Up – Can we try and solve this problem together?

Our challenge for school and parents/carers is to get this right.  It needs to be safe for everyone, no crowding at the gate, only coming to the gate when your class is coming out and maintain the 2m distance from everyone.

 This might mean you have to wait much further back on the grass before the P2 or P3 classes come out and then move forward.  It might mean you wait at the Bleachingfield and only walk over when your year stage is coming out.

What we need to do is to stop everyone coming at the same time and crowding round the gates – it is making it impossible for the pupils and staff to spot parents and means it takes so much longer.

Please can I ask for your cooperation and patience by keeping spaced out at all times, waiting to arrive until the right time and leaving straight away to make room for other parents.

Pupils will come out at the following time:

Primary 1   – 2.35 – 2.45pm    10 mins – only P1 parents should be near the gates and on the paths

 Friday 11.50 – 12 noon

Primary 2   – 2.50pm – 3pm    10mins – only P2 parents should be near the gates and on the paths

 Friday 12 noon

Primary 3  – 3pm onwards     P3 parents – lots of you have made arrangements to meet you child/children at Hallhill, Bleachingfield or given permission to cycle/scoot/walk home on their own – this is so helpful.  Please send in a note if you want to start this with your son/daughter.

Friday 12.10 p.m.

East Lothian Learning Estates Survey

East Lothian Council’s vision is to develop a modern, safe, sustainable learning estate that enhances and supports communities while improving the lives of families equally no matter what area they are in. We’re now undertaking a pre-consultation activity which will help to inform a review of our Learning Estate.

An online survey has been created to gather views from the community. This feedback will help inform how we move forward with a full Learning Estate Review.

The pre-consultation public survey will be open from Monday 22nd February until Monday 15th March, during which time the survey will be accessible on the East Lothian Council Consultation Hub.

More information and the online survey can be found at https://eastlothianconsultations.co.uk/education/learning-estate-review-pre-consultation

If you have any queries please contact learningestatereview@eastlothian.gov.uk


Early identification of Covid cases is essential; more so than ever with the return to school of Nursery to P3 and
with the view to P4-P7 returning at some point in the future. Please see below for information about what to do should your child or anyone else within your household display any Covid-19 symptoms.

Children who develop symptoms in school/nursery

Any child who displays symptoms of Covid-19 will be taken to a designated room where they can safely remain
separate from others. The Parent/Carer will be called to collect them (unless we have another designated
emergency contact – please make sure that the school office holds the most up to date information on their
files). Whilst awaiting collection, our immediate priority will be to keep your child comfortable and supported, whilst
remaining 2m away from others. The staff supporting your child will wear PPE, which will be removed and disposed of responsibly before they return to normal duties. The desk area and any other areas that have been accessed (i.e. toilets) will be thoroughly cleaned. These enhanced measures have been introduced to reduce risk
and possible transmission. If your child/young person is showing symptoms while at home. If your child is showing any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not send them to school. You should inform the
school office of their absence, in the usual way.

Next Steps
Whether your child has developed symptoms at school or at home it is essential that you arrange a test for your
child. This can be done online at www.nhsinform.scot or call 0800 028 2816. You son/daughter should then isolate, at home, until they receive a result. They can only return to school if they have a negative result from this test.

Self-isolating due to suspected or confirmed Covid-19 in the household
If a member of your household is showing symptoms then your child must remain at home until either the member of your household has received a negative test result or for 10 days if positive result. You should report your child’s absence to school in the normal way and follow all self-isolation guidance from NHS Inform. If a member of your household receives a positive test then your child/young person must self-isolate for 10 days. The isolation period includes the date of your last contact with them and the next ten full days. They do not need to be tested unless they have symptoms.

Further information is available at www.nhsinform.scot

Self-isolating following a contact from Test and Protect
If you have to isolate because you have been contacted by Test and Protect please clarify with them the impactson your child’s school attendance. Current guidance states that only direct contacts need to self-isolate. If your child was in direct contact with someone who has tested positive, then they should also self-isolate. If not, they
can return to school/nursery, providing that they and or the other members of the household are not displaying symptoms. If you have any questions regarding remote learning for P4-P7 or the return to school please do not hesitate to get in touch  with the school.

Sunny In Dunny – Episode 4 – Chris Laidlaw by DGS Radio _ Free Listening on SoundCloud

Keeping it Sunny in Dunny

Keeping it Sunny in Dunny is a podcast from Miss Galbraith and Miss
Carnie at Dunbar Grammar School with a focus on Health and wellbeing. Each episode they
interview a different guest. This week they had an inspirational
interview with Chris Laidlaw the former Rugby Development Officer at Dunbar Rugby Club. The episode can be listened to here and they can be followed on Twitter @SunnyinDunny

Remote Learning at Dunbar Primary School

Remote Learning Feedback

Please find above the feedback on our Remote Learning at Dunbar Primary School.

In total there were 353 returns to the survey which is a great response from 1018 children’s families. As well as positive comments there were a number of areas for future development and these will be looked at in due course within the Remote Learning Group in school and  the Parent Council.

A  significant number of parents commented on issues regarding availability of technology, slow internet speeds time constraints, balancing a number of children with personal work demands and trying to have as much as a normal life as possible.


A selection of positive comments

We are very grateful  the whole P1 staff for the fantastic work they have planned and the google meets which our sons really enjoy. Thank you.

I think you are doing a grand job this lockdown. Thank you.

Home schooling has been more organised this time.

Having the full week of tasks on a Monday is very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you!

DPS teachers are amazing!

They work this time seems very well organised and really appreciate all the hard work that has quite obviously gone into this. Hope it isn’t for too much longer!!!

I am pleased with the flexibility offered by work handed out at the start of the week to be submitted by end of the week. Much easier to home school around work.

The teachers and school are doing a great job. Very supportive and engaging.

I’m pleased that the work for the week is being set on Sunday, it helps to identify any areas that might required extra support/time and plan for them accordingly.

Receiving the work on a Sunday evening has been a game changer for me. I have time to print, read and prepare for the week. This week has been even more focused after receiving the hub timetable as now I have an understanding of the amount of work that is needed to be done each day. The school seems to be understanding of us working parents and that we are all trying our best. Some help with how to teach them to spell and explain their workings would be helpful.

Much better contact and communication with class teacher this year compared to last and having 3 times a week whole class meetings suits my child well to have virtual contact with his school friends and lovely teacher. We appreciate all the hard work that you are doing. Thank you 😊

Items for development and discussion and future development

I would be interested to know why Google Classroom was the education platform of choice. It is not the best for layout and seems ‘clunky’ to use. Other schools are successfully using Microsoft Teams which I use at work and feel perhaps would have been more user friendly for an education platform with the calendar and alerts for example. 

The amount of worksheets and links to external resources can be a bit confusing and hard to keep a track of what has been done and how to submit it.

The online emphasis is a barrier to learning. We do not have a computer, but my child was lucky enough to be provided with a Chromebook from the school. That said, navigating the online resources when it’s something we are not familiar with and trying to do that when she has two younger siblings who also need attention, I find more time is spent ‘faffing‘ than actually learning. That then creates a good degree of pressure and stress within the family, as we constantly feel we are underperforming. Perhaps it’s I as a parent, that largely feels I am underperforming, but that in its self certainly affects the children. My  children is also aware herself of the amount of work that she ISN’T getting through. So ultimately, the focus becomes quite negative.

We are just finding it very difficult juggling shift work, working from home and supporting our children with their work. My son is still at an age where he requires support and guidance when doing his work. Our worry is that he is missing huge amounts of learning.

Too many emails. I don’t think you can expect a Primary child to read 22 emails on a Monday morning and organise their work from a weekly timetable. I’ve had to assist in breaking down tasks and planning what needs done and when, as well as reminding them to upload, submit and then mark it done on the weekly tasks list. Could also do with meeting links appearing long before the meeting, not a few minutes before as with several children it’s hard to keep track of who needs to sign into a meeting and when, especially with times changing from week to week.

Angus J MacRury DHT.




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