Drop Off and Pick Up at John Muir Campus

Drop Off and Pick Up at John Muir Campus

Thanks to everyone for wearing a mask and keeping to the 2m rule!

 Drop Off  for all P1 to P3– soft start 8.40 – 9am

Thanks to all parents – the drop-off today 23rd February was much smoother and chilled – no waiting around and pupils were really resilient and independent.

Lots of you did a ‘Drop & Go’ and it meant we had so much more room for pupils to walk in and for Parents and Carers to stand much further away and see them into the gates.  Still a reminder that we would appreciate if you left after dropping off and did not wait at the railings.

 Pick Up

Our challenge – school and parents/carers is to get this right.  It needs to be safe for everyone, no crowding at the gate, only coming to the gate when your class is coming out and maintain the 2m distance from everyone.

 This might mean you have to wait on the grass before the P2 or P3 classes come out and then move forward.  It might mean you wait at the Bleachingfield and only walk over when your year stage is coming out.

What we need to do is to stop everyone coming at the same time and crowding round the gates – it is making it impossible for the pupils and staff to spot parents and means it takes so much longer.

Please can I ask for your cooperation and patience by keeping spaced out at all times, waiting to arrive until the right time and leaving straight away to make room for other parents.

Pupils will come out at the following time:

Primary 1   – 2.35 – 2.45pm    10 mins – only P1 parents should be near the gates and on the paths. (Monday to Thursday)

11.50 – 12 Friday

 Primary 2   – 2.50pm – 3pm 10mins – only P2 parents should be near the gates and on the paths) (Monday to Thursday)

12.00  – Friday

Primary 3 – Home time 3pm onwards

12.10 – Friday

P3 parents – lots of you have made arrangements to meet you child/children at Hallhill, Bleachingfield or given permission to cycle/scoot/walk home on their own – this is so helpful.  Please send in a note if you want to start this with your son/daughter.

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