Weekly Update 16.09.21

Dear Parents and Carers,

Some of the following Items appear on the school Newsletter issued 15th September.

Full Newsletter available below:

September 2021 Newsletter


As from Tuesday 21st September we are able to put in place some changes to the school routines following guidance from the Health Protection Team and East Lothian Council. We will be using our dining halls at both campuses and we will be able to remove class bubbles.  This will mean that our morning breaks and lunchtimes will move to one session.

Menus will go home with pupils today. Remember that ALL P4 pupils are now entitle to free  a school meal.

Our timings will therefore be from Tuesday 21st September:

P1 P2 P3 P4 – P7
Soft Start Time 8.45am – 8.55am 8.45am – 8.55am 8.45am – 8.55am 8.45 – 8.55am
Break Time 10 – 10.15am  or 10.15 – 10.30am 10.45 – 11am
Lunch 11.45 – 12.45pm 12 – 1pm 12.15 – 1pm 12.45 – 1.30pm
Leaving Time 2.45pm

(12.00 Friday)


(12.10 Friday)


12.20pm Friday)


(12.20pm on Friday)

 Please can we ask that pupils are in the school building by 8.55am – this is important as formal lessons will start at this time and we need your help and support so latecomers do not miss out on vital learning experiences and the important information at the start of the day.

 School Improvement Plan 2021-22 and Standard and Quality Report  2020-21

Unfortunately, the current COVID restrictions mean that I am unable to meet you all in the hall at each campus and talk to you about our whole school plans for the coming year and to reflect on last session. We have produced a family friendly version of our School Improvement Plan for 2021/22 and our school Standards and Quality Report which looks back to 2019/20, which we can all acknowledge was the very strangest of times. Full versions of both documents are below.

Helen Gillanders, Head Teacher.

School Improvement Plan 2021-22

DPS SIP 2020 & 2021 (inc Cove & Nursery)

Standards And Quality Report 2020-21

DPS S&Q Report 2020 & 2021

Important Dates for Diaries

Friday 17th September and Monday 20th September are both school holidays

Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th October are P1 – P3 Parent Night appointments via Google Meet – info will be sent out

Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th October are P4 – P7 Parent Night appointments via Google Meet – info will be sent out

Wednesday 13th October – Flu Vaccination in school for pupils if parents/carers requested

Monday 18th October to Monday 25th October (inclusive) is the October ½ term break.  Pupils return on Tuesday 26th October.

School Uniform

Prior to the start of this term we have been much more relaxed about our school uniform, however I now feel that as from October 26th we want to welcome all our pupils back in school colours and taking a pride in the DPS uniform.

We hope you will agree that wearing the uniform in school creates a pride and ethos of belonging and we hope it supports you at home knowing that the rules of wearing red, black grey and white items are what we expect.

A reminder though that hoodies are not part of our school uniform but can be worn as part of P.E kit.

The Vaccination Bus will be at Fort Kinnaird this weekend, so if you still need your Covid jab, why not drop in. More info about all vaccination opportunities at bit.ly/3rAqryz


Documents home this week:

NHS Lothian : Letter to Schools Sept 2021

Scottish Government Covid Update

The latest Scottish Government Update advised that all current mitigations in schools (including face coverings) will remain in place until at least the October Holidays https://www.gov.scot/news/school-safety/

Information Update

A pack is going home with students over the next few weeks containing a PC1 and an Annual Data Check form which is required to be checked by parent/carers, updated as appropriate, signed and returned. Packs will contain photo permission forms and school closure forms if we do not hold a copy on file.

If you have no email address, it is essential that you inform the school. Where this is the case, the weekly email information is automatically updated on our website.

NHS Flu Vaccinations 13th October in both Campuses

The deadline for returning the vaccination forms has been extended. Please return these to the school office asap. All willing school staff will also be vaccinated on this day.

Angus MacRury, DHT

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