School Session Dates 2022 – 2025

Please see below the approved School Session dates for 2022-2023, 2023-2024 and 2024-2025.  These dates were approved by East Lothian Council’s Education Committee on 23 November 2021.

Opening dates for our Nursery will follow.

The attachments below can be downloaded as a calendar or as a table.

2022-2023 Dates

 TERM 1 Staff In-service Day 1

Staff In-service Day 2

Monday 15th August


Tuesday 16th August

Pupils Resume Wednesday  17th August
Autumn Holiday (schools closed) Friday 16th September
Autumn Holiday (schools closed Monday 19th September
All Return Tuesday 20th September
All Break Friday 14th October
Staff In-service Day 3 Monday 25th October
Pupils Resume Tuesday 25th October
Term Ends Tuesday 20th December
Term 1 = 82 pupil days

Term 1 = 85 staff days

TERM 2 All Resume Wednesday 4th January
All Break Friday 10th February
Staff In-service Day 4 Monday 20th February
Pupils Resume Tuesday 21st February
All Break Friday 31st March
Good Friday – 7 April 2023

Easter Monday – 10 April 2023

Term 2 = 57 pupil days

Term 2 = 58 staff days

TERM 3 All Resume (Staff and Pupils) Monday 17th April
May Day (Schools closed) Monday 1st May
All Resume Tuesday 2nd May
Staff In-Service Day 5

(pupil holiday)

Monday 22nd May
Pupils Resume Tuesday 23rd May
Term Ends

Terms 3 = 51 pupil days

Terms 3 = 52 staff days

Wednesday 28th June

Calendars of school session dates




Tables of school session dates