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Dunbar Primary is a two campus school.

NURSERY – PRIMARY 3 AND THE COVE:  Dunbar Primary School, John Muir Campus, Lammermuir Crescent, Dunbar, EH42 1DG.  Telephone Number: 01368 863773.

PRIMARY 4 – PRIMARY 7:  Dunbar Primary School, Lochend Campus, Kellie Road, Dunbar, EH42 1XB.  Telephone Number: 01368 860997.

Or email us at:

Getting in Touch
In order that we ensure that you are dealing with the people most able to answer any questions, offer support or deal with issues here are our school procedures:

Please contact the school office to query dates or times of events or finance questions, changes to pick up arrangements and especially if your child is going to be absent.

For any other issues we ask that in the first instance you contact your child’s class teacher, especially with regard to homework, curricular issues, changes in behaviour, friendship concerns, etc.

Each of the members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) all look after a specific year stage:

Nursery: Mr MacRury (Depute Head based at John Muir Campus)

The Cove: Mrs Hagart (Depute Head based at John Muir Campus)

P1: Mrs Legge (Depute Head based at John Muir Campus)

P2: Mrs Gray (Principal Teacher based at John Muir Campus)

P3: Mrs Gillanders (Head Teacher)

P4: Aileen Kelly: Principal Teacher (Support & Inclusion)

P5: Mrs Gillanders (Head Teacher)

P6: Miss Eeles (Depute Head based at Lochend Campus)

P7: Miss Eunson (Depute Head based at Lochend Campus)

Principal Teacher (Support & Inclusion):  Mrs Caroline Wight, John Muir

Principal Teacher (Support & Inclusion): Mrs Aileen Kelly, Lochend Campus)

Please be assured that if any member of the SLT is not available we will endeavour to either answer your query or call you back as soon as possible. The most important thing we ask is that if you have any concerns you get in touch rather than let it worry you or your child.

We have a new addition to the Senior Leadership Team!  Miss Ross joined us as a Depute Head Teacher and is based at John Muir Campus:


2 thoughts on “Contact Info”

  1. Good afternoon,
    Would you please be able to accommodate one of our student Educational Support Assistants please ?
    She would be on placement every Thursday and Friday from the 25/9/14 with a continuous three week block from 4/12/14.
    I will of course furnish you with more details nearer the time.
    Thank you,

    Stephen Traquair
    Sighthill Campus
    0131-669-4400 ext.4809.

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