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Dunbar Primary School Parent Information Leaflet: AR Parent Leaflet Aug 2019

Home Connect

Is your child taking part in Accelerated Reader? Did you know you can log on a website called Home Connect to see their reading results and progress? It’s very simple to do…

Click on the link above and simply enter your child’s username and password (all children should know this) and you will be able to:

  • review results on AR quizzes taken in school
  • view the number of books read, words read and quizzes passed
  • see a virtual bookshelf showing the books your child has read

You will also see a link to ‘E-Mail Setup’ at the top of the page that gives you the chance to sign up to receive an e-mail every time your child takes a quiz to share the results with you instantly! Over 80 parents have signed up to this for free ๐Ÿ™‚


Do you have a book at home and would like to know if it’s on AR?

Do you have a book from home or the local library that you would like to read?ย  Go to the link below to see if it is on AR:

Type in the title of your book, e.g. โ€˜Matildaโ€™ and search.ย  If it is there you will see the front cover of the book and information beside it. Look for the BL number – this is the Book Level.

Matilda is 5.0, so for someone who has a range of 4.1 โ€“ 6.0 this book would be at their level.

Please remember a book doesnโ€™t always have to be within your level!ย  You can challenge yourself and try it independently, read it with someone or have someone read it to you.



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