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School Meals Service
East Lothian Council’s school meals service provides meals for 35 primary and 6 secondary schools throughout the Council area.Under the Government’s “Promoting School Food” policy, we aim to provide a well-balanced, nutritional meal for every school pupil in East Lothian.


We currently provide approximately 460,000 primary and 420,000 secondary school pupils with lunch each year, that’s over 4,600 per school day!

Our menus are nutritionally analysed to ensure that they meet the Scottish Government’s regulations for school meals and provide children and young people with a healthy balanced meal each day.  We use locally grown vegetables and free range eggs in all of our school menus. The Veginvasion project will also introduce special lunctime events to help encourage children to eat more vegetables.

If you have any queries about the school meals service or if your child has a special dietary requirement, please contact us using the contact details listed.

The Autumn/Winter menu will be available from Monday 27

October 2014 until Friday 24th April 2015.

The new menu is on a 3-weekly cycle with a choice of seasonal dishes.

The Summer menu starts on Monday 27th April 2015.


The menu contains dishes that are firm favourites with children and suit the autumn/winter season. The price remains at £1.90 for a 2-course primary school meal (soup & main course or main course & dessert) with bread, salad and a cold drink. Given all the positive changes that we continue to make, we hope that you agree this is excellent value for both.


2 thoughts on “School Lunch Menu”

  1. Hello,

    I have a boy going into p3 and a boy starting p1 after the holidays.

    I think your menu is great and the food looks good and tastes good.

    The only point I wanted to suggest was that sometimes when there happens to be nothing my child likes on the menu he asked for a pack lunch. So I was going to suggest you have a packed lunch option on your menu too.

    I know west Lothian schools also have a packed lunch option.

    As I said I think you provide a great service and I am not being negative just making a suggestion.


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