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Weekly Update

Monday 7th May

May Day Holiday, School Closed

Tuesday 8th May

In-Service day, School Closed to pupils

Wednesday 9th May

P6 Rugby sessions on field (45mins each)

P7 Transition Day – Gym Hall, dance studio and ICT Suite. See Below

9 – 10.30: Ridge Cooking x six P6 pupils using Healthy Snack Room

9.30 Onwards – P2 Zoolab visit @ Old Phonics Room

Thursday 10th May

9.00-10.00: P5A John Muir Drama

10.45-12.15:  P5B John Muir Drama

P7 Guidance Meetings with staff from DGS

10.45am – 1pm: P6 Little & Large Cooking Comp at DGS – Jenny P attending with x 10 P6 pupils

Girls football training @ Gym hall

Friday 11th May

9.00-10.30: P5 Club Golf

Transition Information for P7 Parents/Carers

It is a busy time in terms of Transition events! On Wednesday 9th May, teachers from DGS will be visiting all of the new S1 students at Dunbar Primary.  They have a morning of activities planned and a great sports event for the afternoon.  We will be adding regular transition updates to this page over the next two months.

Our S5 Peace Ambassadors have made 4 short videos for P7 students and their parents/carers:

The Dunbar and East Linton Area Partnership Summer School 2018

The Dunbar and East Linton Area Partnership Summer School 2018 is back this year to offer an even wider range of free activities to children aged between 8 and 15 over the summer holidays.  There are 11 courses on offer, including adventure cookery, learning about how animals work, music technology, watersports, to name a few.  Children who attend one of the schools in the Dunbar cluster or who live in the area, and are in receipt of Child Tax Credit, are invited to apply.  Please note, however, that if a family’s current circumstances prevent any child from taking part in summer activities, for reasons such as poor health or disability, then applications are also welcome.  Please click on the following link for an application form: Application Form.  Application forms must be handed in to the Lochend or John Muir Campus office by Tuesday 16th May 2016.


Nursery Transition and Getting Ready for School information


2018 Nursery to P1 Transition

Click on the links for detailed information from Monday’s Event

Getting Ready for School

Dunbar Primary School

Transition Policy

Our Core Values

* We will not give up on our pupils – unconditional positive regard

* We believe that every pupil belongs to our school – belonging

* We believe that intelligence is not fixed – learning

* We see our school is part of the community – outward facing

* We need to help our pupils overcome adversity – resilience

* We have a shared obligation to make a difference – service

* We can’t do it by ourselves – partnerships

* We accept change and challenge ourselves to keep improving – innovate

Our main goal is to make every child the best that they can be.


In this policy, ‘transition’ describes the movement that takes place from one familiar setting to another. It is defined as the process where policy and practice has been adapted to support children settle in to their new learning environment in preparation for future learning and development.

Aims and Objectives

At Dunbar Primary School we endeavour to ensure a smooth transition for pupils every year as they move on to their next class teacher in August. We also have specific transition programmes in place for key points including:

  • Nursery – Primary 1
  • Primary 3 – Primary 4 (split campus school)
  • Primary 7 – S1

The curriculum makes it very clear that these points of transition must be planned for with care, considering the needs of each individual child and meeting their particular transition needs.   Children and parents/carers need to feel secure and confident to face the changes as they progress through their school life. We want our children to experience a successful transition throughout their learning so that the pace and quality of learning are maintained to ensure every child continues to make the very best progress.

We also recognise that children can be vulnerable at each stage of transition and subsequently implement a range of strategies and activities to ensure a smooth and happy transition.


Year Group Transfer


Formal liaison between class teachers is organised towards the end of the school session when reports have been written and assessments are up-to-date. The meetings are held at a mutually convenient time in the summer term when the teachers know the class they will have in August.

At the meeting, details of individual pupils’ progress and needs are discussed and a written handover file is shared with the next teacher. This includes data, e.g. INCAS, Accelerated Reader reports and Single Word Spelling Test results, achievement of levels and next steps in learning.

Other written information to be transferred may include comments from support staff and relevant medical information. Writing and maths jotters also move on with the children at the end of each session.

Copies of all year stage overviews and medium term plans (including assessment comments and evaluations) are available electronically on the school server. It is not necessary to define the actual work covered by the children in a year-group class but teachers will know which areas of work may need particular attention the following year.

Nursery to Primary 1

Transition in the Early Years begins before the children start in Ante Pre-school nursery. All parents/carers, with a two year old child, on the NAMS waiting list, are invited into the school for our ‘First Steps to Success’ event. They are given a nursery rhyme book to take away and read with their child. This is then used regularly in Nursery during ‘Rhyme Time Monday’.   During this event, the parents/carers also take part in three workshops – reading, numeracy/maths and developing independence/preparing for Nursery.

From starting in their APS year, the nursery staff take detailed notes that inform the tracking for each individual child. This continues throughout their PS year and onto P1. Formative assessments also take place throughout the year and these are shared with parents/carers and passed onto staff at handover time.

Transition from Nursery to P1 involves children from a range of private nursery settings, other ELC nurseries, schools outwith the catchment/cluster and Dunbar Nursery Class. We invite the children and their parent/carers, if they do not attend the school nursery, to as many transition events as possible.

The Nursery PT and PT for Inclusion and Support organise enhanced transition experiences and opportunities for children with additional support needs or emotional and behavioural needs. This takes place throughout the year but more focused time takes place in the summer term.

‘Early Learning and Childcare Service Model for 2020: Consultation Paper’

‘Early Learning and Childcare Service Model for 2020: Consultation Paper’

As you may be aware, the Early Learning and Childcare Service Model for 2020 Consultation Paper was launched by the Scottish Government on 29th March 2018 and will remain open for response until 29 June 2018.

East Lothian Council is putting together a response to the Scottish Government consultation and is keen to make sure its response takes account of the views of local people.

East Lothian Council launched their own Consultation exercise on the same subject, and the responses submitted will be collated and used to inform East Lothian Council’s formal response to the Scottish Government’s consultation. Our own consultation will close on 27th May 2018, and a link to this can be found below:

Please remember if you wish to reply directly to the Scottish Government you will need to do so separately through their consultation hub.

If you have any queries please contact us via our consultation mailbox at:<>



Community Beach Clean East Beach

Surfers Against Sewage are planning to run a community ‘Big Spring Beach Clean’ at East Beach on Saturday 21st April, 11-1pm.  Meeting point is at south end of beach near Dunbar golf course road.  As Dunbar Primary are official ‘SAS Ocean Guardians’, it would be  great if as many pupils as possible their families to come along and support this event.

Weekly Diary Dates 26th March

Monday 26th

9 – 1pm P2E Victorian school trip

Tuesday 27th

Church Services 10.15am

9.30 – 10.15      P5 and P7A, P7B and P7E classes (Leaving Lochend Campus straight after registration by 9.00am)

11.00 – 11.45    P6 and P7C and P7F classes (Early Break in P7/P5 area of playground at 10.15. Leaving from lines at 10.30)

9am –Pre School nursery ELC photos

Wednesday 28th

Church Services

P1 and 2 to Dunbar Parish Church –leave just after 9 (9.30-10.15)

9.30 – 10.15       P1 and P2

11.00 – 11.45     P3 and P4 (P4’s will have an early Break in P7/P5 area of playground at 10.15. Leaving from lines at 10.30)

Thursday 29th

Eco Committee: ‘Save the Hare Day’ at Lochend Only – pupils can wear rabbit/bunny ears (or anything related to rabbits!) & give small donation.

Friday 30th



 Happy Easter Everyone – enjoy the break!

School returns on Monday 16th April for ALL

Fostering- Are you who they are looking for?

Are you who they’re looking for?

We urgently need more people to take the plunge and find out about fostering with East Lothian Council.

East Lothian Council’s Education and Children’s Services spokesperson Councillor Shamin Akhtar says:

‘We have children and young people who need foster carers urgently. The demand is always growing and we need more people to come forward very soon and give their love and support to some vulnerable children and young people who really, really need them.

‘As you know, we set great store in East Lothian in keeping our looked-after children in or very close to East Lothian, so that very vulnerable children don’t have to change schools or lose touch with their friends and wider families. Not every fostering agency thinks this is important but we do – we really see the value in not sending children far away from everyone and everything they know. So, I’d just like to say how grateful I am to all our current foster carers for choosing to Foster East Lothian and for the fantastic job they do – they make a difference every day. I hope that there will be a number of people reading this article now who will also be able to make that difference and be the ones that our children so desperately need.’


To find out more about joining our East Lothian fostering team (including, training, home visits and remuneration), please go to or  phone us on 01620 827 643

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2018

Every March people around the world demonstrate their solidarity – calling for greater action on climate change – by switching their lights out for an hour.

How can we get involved in making real local and global change?

On Saturday 24th March bring your unwanted clothing to one of the Zero Waste Shops in Dunbar (2 Countess Crescent EH42 1DX) or Musselburgh (175 High Street EH21 7DE) or take them to any of the BIG PICK textile banks at East Lothian Recycling Centres.

Did you know that today’s textile industry is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gasses / co2 emissions on Earth?

This is due to:

  • the huge size and scope of the textile industry as well as the many processes and products that go into the making of textiles and finished textile products; and,
  • the transportation of textiles into, around and out of our country to other countries for disposal.

What Miixer CIC are doing about it?

Miixer CIC is a unique, local, not for profit social enterprise, working in partnership with East Lothian Council to collect local textiles with the aim of keeping them in our area for local benefit e.g. all school uniforms are free and food bank customers get free clothes.

How does Miixer CIC differ from other textile collection organisations?

Other companies and charities ship local textiles out of our area for use and disposal in other parts of the world. All this transportation of textiles results in not only massive amounts of co2 emissions and loss of a local resource for local benefit.


For more information: