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Depute Headteacher, Dunbar Primary School.

Day for Change Rainbow

On Friday the 8th of February the pupils of Dunbar Primary School came to school wearing the colours of the rainbow. This was to highlight the need for change in the world regarding the right of a child to food. The children brought in a pound and all the monies collected will be sent to Unicef to help with  food projects in the Third World. The photo is very special as there are over 800 children from P1-P7 in the image

Each year, Day for Change focuses on a different aspect of UNICEF’s work. This year it is food. UNICEF’s vital nutrition work  helps hungry children around the world get enough food to eat.

UNICEF changes children’s lives by providing them with the nutrious food that they need to grow up healthy and strong so that they can attend school and break the cycle of poverty.

UNICEF Day for Change 2013

UNICEF ‘Day for Change’ – Friday 8 February 2013

As part of our work to become a Rights Respecting School we wanted to share the work we have been doing in school with parents. Over the last few weeks teachers sent home a small piece of homework for you to work on with your child. This work has been about raising awareness of UNICEF Children’s Rights and Responsibilities, and how it impacts on the life of every child across the world.

Friday 8th February is UNICEF Day for Change and this year the focus is on food – how in parts of the world lots of children go hungry. As a school we will be exploring this issue as part of raising awareness and understanding articles 24 and 27 – that all children have a right to enough food.

UNICEF is part of our fundraising initiative this year and we would be very grateful if pupils could bring in £1 donation. On the day we want to make a Rainbow of Colours to mark that this is our ‘change’ from wearing a school uniform.  Please can we ask for your help in enabling pupils to come to school wearing something with the following colour on 8 February: Nursery & P1 need to wear Red, P2 need to wear orange, P3 need to wear yellow, P4 need to wear white, P5 need to wear blue, P6 need to wear indigo, purple or violet and P7 need to wear green.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather as we will be creating our whole school rainbow in the playground at John Muir Campus.

Kumani and her family stand among their crops, which provide them and the local community with nutritious food. Their future is looking more positive, but millions of families are less fortunate and still suffer the harsh reality of hunger every day. Twin sisters Toma and Faltouma are 10 months old. They live in Chad, where drought has led to a severe food shortage. At their age they should be getting plenty of nutritious food to grow and develop. Instead, like millions of children around the world, they often have to go to bed hungry, and are malnourished. Luckily, Toma and Faltouma have been able to get help at a UNICEF supported health centre. Your pound can really help Toma and Faltouma. Follow the link to read the full story and see more photos.

It takes a Village

Today 130 P3 children in Dunbar Primary School took the stage to perform “It takes a Village.” The performance was superb and the singing was truly beautiful. Well done one and all. Thank you to the wonderful teachers and support staff for all your efforts

Well done to you all.



Dunbar Primary School Choir on Forth One

Every year Boogie and Arlene get a selection of our local schools to come on the show and sing a Christmas Carol.
In late November the team travelled across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife recording Christmas Carols and speaking to the kids to play out on Forth One.
If you missed this mornings carol you can listen again to it below.

Tuesday 11th December – Dunbar Primary School
This morning the kids in Dunbar sang Christmas Calypso and saw the return of the old ‘frostbike’ joke.





It Takes a Village! P3 Nativity Play 2012

This year our P3 Classes will be performing the new Christmas Nativity, “It takes a village.”All Children from the school will watch the performance on Monday 10th December.  P3 Parents /Grandparents  are invited to join us in the main hall at John Muir Campus at 9.15 for performance on Tuesday 11th December.  In total the children will perform this play to over 1000 people across three shows. As they say…. ” Break a Leg.”

Coffee and Tea will be served afterwards in the school dining area. All welcome.